Bonusisode – 7 reasons why most investors fail…

If building a multi-million dollar property portfolio really only takes three or four properties …then why do most folk FAIL to buy one?

If only three or four properties — maybe five, if you’ve got a shorter time frame — is all it takes to achieve a passive income for life, why aren’t most investors achieving their dream lifestyle and financial goals then?

Why haven’t they got a successful multi-million dollar property portfolio???

Well, Ben and I nutted out these SEVEN reasons why this is so. And we went “Live” with these little-spoken truths!

Yep. We got serious…. even if our faces don’t show it 😉

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Bonusisode with Nerida – Is the oversupply in Sydney over?

A couple of weeks ago we had our regular Monthly Wrap Up with Nerida Conisbee, Chief Economist for REA Group. There are some amazing contents in this LIVE so we thought… why not share it with our community? 


As well as getting a “wrap” of the property market for the month of October, you’ll also get some very interesting insights into our economy (incl. where it just might go from here!)
We discuss:
** Will the cash rate get to ZERO?
** Is the oversupply in Sydney over?
** What’s happening with “Rent Control”? (and what does this mean for investors?)
** What is Quantitative Easing?
** Are the things that got us through the GFC currently present?
AND, our regulars…
++ The MOST EXPENSIVE property sold in October
++ The most clicked on property going to AUCTION
++ The most clicked on property for SALE
++ The most clicked on property SOLD

Want to see these properties? Click here to View the Properties (all are in the Comments section)

P.S. Want more episode on asset selection?

(Video Series) The Money Saving Hacks Series

[REVEALED] The Money Saving Hacks The Banks Don’t Want You To Know About —- Free 3-Part Video Series

Money Saving Hack #1 — How To Make Sure You NEVER Pay Interest on Your Credit Card

Money Saving Hack #2 — How To Never Unconsciously Overspend Ever Again

Money Saving Hack #3 — How To Put Your Finances on Autopilot

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Throughout the 200+ episodes that we’ve done in this show, we’ve discussed money management many times. In our own Money SMARTS System, we could not emphasize more on the importance of having a deep understanding of your cashflow position, setting up your 7-Day Float, setting up your direct debit and much more. It’s pretty obvious that we’re passionate about money management and this is not unique to us. Other experts such as Paul Clitheroe and Effie Zahos, have also shared their money management tips and their episodes are often being referred to as one of our very best!

But we still often get asked on the mechanics of the Money SMARTS and more of the money saving hacks that we’ve shared. How does it really work? How can we set it up? Do banks really offer these structures?

So… that is why, Bryce has decided to record this Video series to help explain some of the Money Saving Hacks that the Banks don’t want you to know about. There will be heaps of illustration and resource materials shared in this video series that can help you implement some of the hacks right away!

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What is our TPC Gold Videos?

You’ve probably heard us talking about our TPC Gold videos a few times and wondered to yourself…. Whaaaaat?

We understand. It can be a little confusing, especially if you’re not on Facebook or YouTube.

And that is why we are creating this post to help explain what TPC Gold Videos are!

So…. In very simple words, they are snippets of the podcast that we think are helpful (a.k.a. GOLD!) to our listeners.

When we started the podcast back in 2015, the episodes were just a mere 15 minutes but as time goes by, it gets longer and longer. In fact, for Episode 200 with Paul Clitheroe, the episode was 1 hour and 51 minutes long! So we get it. Sometimes people don’t have that much time in place even if they are playing the episode in x2 speed.

That’s why we created this segment called TPC Gold where Stiggy would look and cut up the parts of the podcast that would help our community out. Most snippets are only 1 to 2 minutes long so there are no more excuses not to try and expand your understanding of property, finance and money management! 🙂

What are you waiting for? Click here to watch all the videos now or you can check a few of them out below first!
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Back with SEASON 2! The Property Couch + RealEstate.com.au

And we are BACK with Season 2!

Alright folks, here we go again! The Property Couch and RealEstate.com.au’s Season 1 was an absolute success. Our videos were viewed 557,000 times on Facebook and more on REA’s website. Now, don’t think that’s all we’ve got. We still have heaps more in the bank and are very keen to share it all out with you guys.

So here we go!

  • Investing in property can help you retire comfortably | Watch here >>
  • Need a home loan? Here are the 5 Cs the banks looks for  | Watch here >>
  • What makes for an investment grade property? | Watch here >>
  • The other “C” in property! What and How do you compromise on what you want? | Watch here >>
  • The 4 ways you’ll pay as a property investor? | Watch here >>


Don’t miss out the trailers as well!

And just in case you missed it, here are all the episodes of Season 1:


We’d love any feedback or suggestions on which videos you’d love to see! So get in touch with us here: info@thepropertycouch.com.au.


All the best,

Bryce, Ben and TPC’s Stig






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