6 Reasons Why The Property Market Did NOT Collapse During COVID-19! – Bonusisode with Nerida

Folks, wanna know the SIX reasons why Australia’s property market didn’t “plummet” during a global pandemic…. even when so many commentators suggested otherwise!?!👇

We’re checking in with Nerida Conisbee, Chief Economist at REA Group and she’s going to tell you exactly why… and the key risks we still have to keep an eye on as we move into 2021!


A Hint on The 6 Reasons… (see if you guess right 😉)

1️⃣ __ are being __ for now

2️⃣ Unemployment primarily impacting __

3️⃣ __ __ have slowed

4️⃣ Some __ __ are faring well

5️⃣ Less overall __

6️⃣ Record level of Govt stimulus, such as __


Tune in now to Get ALL 6 Reasons and the latest update on…

🔸 Biggest risks to undermine Australia’s economic recovery

🔸 China /Australia Relations – who’ll blink first?

🔸 When’s the MOST auctions happening!?

🔸 How did so many commentators get it WRONG?

🔸 Where are First Home Buyers going?

🔸 How second homes might drive the post-COVID housing boom

🔸 The star suburb performer in NSW this year in

🔸 Commercial property investment from UK and German funds

🔸 Australian luxury property defies the downturn and global trend

🔸 Property Market Predictions For 2021




Bonusisode | Everything You Need To Know About VIC Stamp Duty!

How will stamp duty changes in Victoria affect you? Folks, we’re about to unpack the new stamp duty and land tax changes outlined in the Victorian State Budget… and what this means for home buyers and property investors!

So who gets the most benefit? And HOW MUCH will we pay in stamp duty moving forward? And are these discounts likely to stick around, or…?
’cos here’s what’s interesting…

… with VIC’s proposed changes following suit after NSW took the lead in stamp duty reform… does this mean Australia plans to get rid of stamp duty altogether??

Or is there a bit more to all this than we all know about?

Tune in now to find out everything you need to know about Victorian Stamp Duty!


Here’s What We Cover..

👉 Who gets the most benefit?
👉 Who is NOT going to benefit from these changes?
👉 HOW MUCH will we pay in stamp duty moving forward?
👉 Are these discounts likely to stick around?
👉 Will this cause any long term impacts on the property market??



Bonusisode | A Complete Breakdown of NSW Stamp Duty Changes!

Folks, as you’re likely aware, the NSW government has taken the lead on ENDING stamp duty!

Yep. In their unforgettable 20/21 Budget, NSW has announced some significant proposed changes to the heavily debated Tax charged for property purchases….

So, what are these proposed changes and how do they affect property buyers?! And will property investors get a look in?

Tune in now, because we’re unpacking NSW Stamp Duty Changes… and whether or not this will start the ripple effect for Tax Reform across other states and territories…


Here’s What We Cover..

  • The background story of what’s been happening
  • What are the proposed NSW Stamp Duty Changes?
  • The strategy behind this proposal
  • Will it stimulate economic activity and boost homeownership?
  • Pro’s and Con’s: What will the flow-on effect be?
  • The real winners and losers of this policy change



Bonusisode with Nerida | A Permanent Shift To Regional Locations?!

It’s time for… Australia’s Property Market Update with Nerida Conisbee, Chief Economist at realestate.com.au

And here’s the question on our minds…

👉 “Will the shift to Regional Locations continue BEYOND the pandemic?!”👈

Honestly… Will we see the “Escape From The City” trend move into a PERMANENT thing??

But that’s not all we cover…

💥 The Presidential Election & Its Impact on The Australian Property Market
💥 The Permanent Sea Change?! – What It Means For Property & People Who Invest In It
💥 What’s The Preference Shift In Demand Actually Fuelled By?
💥 Regional Areas That Are Soaring In Value
💥 The Cash Rate Record-Low DROP – What’s In Store Next?
💥 What’s Happening In The Mining Sector?
💥 Will We EVER Go Back To Fulltime Office Work??
💥 Easing Of Lending Restrictions – What it Means For Borrowers
💥 Property Market Update
💥 Will There Be A Cashless Society Moving Forward?
💥 The Future of Australia’s Economy…

👀📺 Watch now to get the FULL Property Market Update and see what’s coming for Regional Properties…


MyWealth Portal | October 2020 Updates

Hi folks!

I love what I do, and especially on days when I come bearing gifts.

I feel like Tim Cook from Apple, when he gets to announce their latest product offerings like the recent release of the new iPhone 12 and the Homepod Mini.

Today I get to tell you about the latest three new features we have added to our MyWealth Portal.

  1. MoneySTRETCH – a cool inbuilt application within our platform that allows you to run cashflow scenarios to work out how long your money will last you
  2. Auto Complete Address feature – no one likes filling in data step by step, so this new feature takes that friction out of this process
  3. Knowledge Centre – “This is BIG”, we now have an inbuilt education playground featuring all our important learning content, from tutorial videos to get the best out of your MyWealth Portal and MoneySMARTS, to access to our podcasts, how to videos, books and much more

Check out the update release video above as well as the Demo video to MoneySTRETCH below.

And of course, you can log in to MyWealth Portal here to check them out!

Our plan is to make the MyWealth Portal your universal home for all things, Property, Finance, Money Management and Wealth Building, to help you build your wealthier tomorrows.

We are already hard at work on the next lot of tools and features to be released soon, and if you have any ideas of what you’d like us to build inside the MyWealth Portal, we want to know about it! Just send them in via the Help Desk here >>

Until next time, remember Knowledge is Empowering, but only if you act on it.

Warmest Regards,

Ben K


p.s. Click here to log in to MyWealth Portal.

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