Episode 008 | Investment Stock vs. Investment Grade

The most anticipated topic is finally here! Investment Stock vs. Investment Grade Properties. Bryce and Ben had been talking about this for weeks and so, in this episode, they started off by explaining what they meant with investment stock and how it is different with investment grade. There are a lot of properties out there that are specifically built for investment purposes (investment stock) and we are certainly not low in supply on new developments but these properties do not IMG_20150417_091810necessarily guarantee good returns and growth (Investment grade). There are a lot more science behind asset selection and some investors are potentially becoming victims of bad property investment advices if they don’t know the difference. So, how do you determine if the investment property you are looking at is just merely a rock or a diamond in disguise? Listen to this podcast to find out more.


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Episode 005 | Four Pillars of Mastery – Asset Selection

In this fifth episode, Bryce and Ben disclose the third part of our Four Pillars of Mastery series:  Asset Selection. In previous episodes we talked about Cash Flow Management and Borrowing Power but Asset Selection is usually what most people are interested in. Well, let’s face it. Inspecting a property can sometimes be much more appealing than looking through the numbers. Having said that, it is in no way easier and in fact, because it creates such an emotional aspect to it a lot people make the most mistake in this section. Imagine going through a property and it has all the shiny taps and the stainless steels (or rather “The Bling!” as Ben put it), it can be quite tempting to just sign on the dotted lines and claim it your own. Bryce and Ben explains why you shouldn’t be affected by these things as a property investor and instead, to look at the other areas that are much more important.

What are the other aspects of Asset Selection that you should focus at? 

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Episode 002 | Regulation vs Education

In this Episode of The Property Couch, Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley talk about the limited recourse borrowing arrangements (LRBAs) on Self-managed super funds (SMSFs). While it is good to have a set of regulation on this, what is more important is perhaps to increase awareness on how people can invest in property using their SMSFs. Investors often get confused on what constitutes an asset grade investment property and there are a lot of bad property investment advice out there. As this is a high value transaction, making a wrong decision can mean an irreversible damage on a household’s financial position. So, it’s down to regulation vs education and finding a balance between the both of them is absolutely crucial in the property investment industry. Listen to this episode to find out more and if you like it, don’t forget to rate us at our iTunes channel (The Property Couch Podcast) or our Facebook page. If you have any ideas, feel free to drop us your thoughts here: http://tpcaustralia.wpengine.com/topics/

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