400 | 4% Chance of Survival: The Story of Perseverance You Will Find Hard to Believe! – Chat with Michael Crossland

Imagine, as a child, being diagnosed with an incurable cancer of the central nervous system. Imagine being told that you only have a 4% chance of survival.

Now imagine being offered hope – a shot at life – as a patient in a new cancer drug trial. But…as the days and months creep by, seeing all the other children slowly passing away, one by one, until you are the only survivor left.

Folks, this gut-wrenching, heart hammering vision is the TRUE story of Michael Crossland, the man who survived and continues to beat the odds, every single day.


In celebration of our 400th episode on the couch, we wanted to give you a story as amazing and meaningful as the milestone you’ve all helped us achieve. A GIGANTIC thank you to all our listeners who tune in every week, we are humbled and honoured to be able to help you on your financial journey. 😊


And Michael is the perfect guest for this.

A businessman and elite sportsman, Michael is at the forefront of today’s new generation of inspirational speakers and is one the most in demand and highly respected speakers in Australia. After releasing his first ‘tell all’ autobiography, Everything Will Be OK: A Story of Hope, Love and Perspective, in 2016, he is now a number 1 bestselling author across 6 different countries.

He’ll be sharing his continued struggle for life, spending ¼ of his entire life in hospital, yet continuing to persevere and grow from pro-athlete to successful businessman. From the heart attack which ended his sporting career to the numerous knockdowns, Michael shares with us his story and how he – and you – can overcome any challenge in life.


Folks, this may be one of our most inspirational and eye-opening episodes, please just tune in to hear the pure gold and wisdom that Michael has to share.


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Stuff Mentioned… 


Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:40 – Our 400th Episode folks… Thank YOU!
  • 1:00 – Meet our very special guest, Michael Crossland!
  • 4:43 – How was the money conversation like growing up?
  • 6:21 – One simple question that his mum asked the doctor that saved his life…
  • 7:58 – Being the 25th candidate for an experimental drug… And the only survivor.
  • 10:32 – How did he achieve one of his BIGGEST dream as a kid despite having a heart attack?!
  • 12:20 – Michael’s challenge to our listeners.
  • 16:20 – The financial inspiration while working at Ritz Carlton…
  • 20:17 – What are the 3P’s that will drive and yet, destroy people?
  • 22:00 – How did all his near-death moments shape his mindset?
  • 24:21 – The worst investment decision he ever made was driven by _ _ _
  • 26:34 – Michael’s discovery when he had hit rock bottom
  • 33:19 – The Passenger vs The Pilot
  • 38:34 – His transition out of the corporate ladder that led him to Haiti
  • 42:15 – Founding the Frontier Projects Charity
  • 43:55 – What triggered him to writing his autobiography, Everything Will Be OK: A Story of Hope, Love and Perspective?
  • 47:41 – The THREE MANTRAS Michael used to overcome his fears and stay mentally and emotionally sharp
  • 51:30 – His most challenging yet the most rewarding experience of his life…
  • 54:40 – Folks, do not miss this quote.
  • 58:29 – What are the next chapters of his journey?


  • 1:10:55 – What Grade of Financial Wellbeing are you?
  • 1:13:52 – Bryce’s Lifehack for our 400th Episode!
  • 1:16:05 – Our present to you to help you achieve more, with Moorr!







395 | Darius Boyd: How this NRL Star Found his Financial and Mental Peace

While we love to have some good AFL banter on the show, this week’s episode is all about a star from another Aussie sport… 🏉

We’re jumping into the world of NRL (National Rugby League) with one of its most prominent athletes who played fullback, wing, centre and five-eighth for the Brisbane Broncos. 

Representing Australia at an international level and playing in the Queensland State of Origin…

We’re extremely chuffed to welcome Darius Boyd to the couch!  

He captained the Brisbane Broncos from 2017 to 2019 and has an illustrious 15-year career as a professional athlete having won 2 NRL Grand Finals. 

But folks…as much as we wanted to get lost in sport, this episode peels back the sheets to before Darius was a big sports star… 

Back to when “even getting $2 to catch the bus home wasn’t easy…” and he was being raised by his mum and then grandma at 15 years old. 

It’s a truly powerful tale as we follow Darius as he jumps from growing up with a tight budget to earning more money than he knew how to handle at just 18.  

We discuss the timeless wisdom he gained being coached by one of sports greatest mentors – Wayne Bennett – the drive that pushed him to become one of NRLs best players and the 5 Simple Steps to find positivity and mental peace.  

Tune in now folks, this one’s an inspiring tale!  



P.S Next week we’re kicking off our Winter Series! While our Summer series is all about transformation, our winter series will be all about planning!  

We’ve got a brilliant program in store for you with some heart-warming and inspiring tales from our listeners — we can’t wait to share them with you!   


P.P.S As Bryce hinted in the episode, we’ve got something else very exciting coming up. Now we don’t want to give too much away just yet, but we will say one word…W E B I N A R!!  

Interested?? Keep your eyes and ears peeled folks, we’ll be releasing the details very soon…. 😉  


Free Stuff Mentioned… 


Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 2:11 – Folks, we’ve got 2 VERY exciting things in store for y’all… 
  • 3:12 – How do you know when it’s enough? 
  • 8:11 – Meet Professional NRL Star Darius Boyd!  
  • 9:42 – His Money Backstory: “Even getting $2 to catch the bus home wasn’t easy…” 
  • 13:50 – The lessons he learnt from living with Grandma  
  • 15:24 – Darius’ first lesson in wealth building  
  • 17:45 – Wisdom he picked up from ultimate sports coach Wayne Bennett 
  • 19:40 – THIS is what makes a good coach… 
  • 20:29 – The drivers that pushed him to become one of the best NRL players  
  • 21:55 – The best players weren’t always the best…
  • 23:58 – Advice he’d give to others looking back on his career
  • 27:38 – Folks, it’s okay to spend on experiences!  
  • 28:00 – Darius’ first property 
  • 28:52 – The road to becoming Renovators  
  • 31:32 – How does Darius & Kayla select their Assets and Location?  
  • 33:00 – What role does property play in his future?  
  • 34:33 – What was it like transitioning away from being a Professional Athlete??  
  • 37:28 – His 5 simple steps for positive mental health!  
  • 40:22 – Working with Top Blokes Foundation and normalising mental health discussions amongst young men  


  • 43:40 – Let’s Recap  
  • 46:24 – Need to set 100 reminders? You can with your Apple Watch!  
  • 48:35 – One of Ben’s MOST important interest rate updates  
  • 53:10 – This is actually an opportunity for…. 
  • 54:23 – Check out RBA Gov. Phillip Lowe’s 7.30 Interview here  


376 | It’s never too late to start: How he’s on track for a $2k/week passive income! – Chat with Steve

It’s the final episode of our Summer Series 2021/22!! And folks, we are finishing with a bang!

Steve, our special guest only started listening to us back in January last year.

But… within a short span of 8 months (all during COVID as well), they…

  1. Paid off their bad debt,
  2. Implemented Money SMARTS,
  3. Got a property portfolio plan done
  4. And even bought an investment property

All without penalising themselves!!

They’re still doing all the fun things, still going away on weekend and having that lifestyle that they wanted but yet, things are looking a whole lot better now.

So… what are they doing differently?

Tune in now to find out why it’s never too late to start AND how you can also buy an investment property without impacting the family budget 😉

p.s. Make sure to tune in to 34:45 minute where he talks about how the podcast has given him the confidence to demand something from a certain someone.


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  • Free Report: How to Buy an Investment Property without Impacting the Family Budget? – Download here
  • (LIVE Video) How to find Hidden Money in your Family Budget? Watch here


Here’s what we cover…

  • 2:00 – Meet Steve.
  • 2:45 – “Financial situation of the parents was their business…”
  • 4:47 – What are his saving habits since he was young?
  • 6:00 – What are some of the money messages that he noticed growing up?
  • 7:13 – Steve’s saving habits in his early years…
  • 7:50 – The difference between a good teacher and a GREAT teacher!
  • 10:20 – $60,000 for a property… And it’s not cheap?!
  • 11:06 – Living through the Recession times and how that affected his job decision
  • 13:17 – How long did the renovation go for?
  • 16:22 – The lifestyle choices and struggles most parents face
  • 18:28 – When your kids don’t share the same passion as you…
  • 20:28 – How did they manage to fund the 3rd principal place of residence?
  • 22:30 – Who gave him the advice to deal with his properties THAT way? 😨
  • 23:00 – Building their dream home HIMSELF in 12 months!
  • 24:00 – What was his research outcome to build wealth? #WhyProperty
  • 26:23 – “Maybe it’s time to clean all these up…”
  • 27:58 – The unexpectedly easy transition to Money SMARTS
  • 30:45 – What was their #1 priority in the first couple of months of Money SMARTS?
  • 31:55 – His lifehack to catch up to our 300+ episodes!
  • 34:45 – The podcast gave him the confidence to demand what he wanted from the _________ ?
  • 38:29 – What was the satisfying change that really mattered to him and his family…
  • 41:05 – Do you notice these signs… ?
  • 46:11 – Full steam ahead towards their end game!!
  • 48:48 – Steve’s advice for YOU!



Note: There are more real-life investor stories like this in our Previous Summer Series! Make sure you check them all out here.

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375 | “The Phone Wouldn’t Stop Ringing”… How she stopped the wolves at the door! – Chat with Bianca

“If you don’t know where you are, you don’t know where you could possibly go.”

That’s just one of many amazing quotes in today’s episode.


Folks, some stories need to be told. And today’s guest owns one of those stories.

You can kind of guess it from the title but here’s what happened…

Our special guest today, Bianca was an athlete. She was a great basketballer in her younger years and was travelling interstate and internationally for competition and she was doing great.

But… life is like a rollercoaster – there are ups and downs.

And she had two down times…

One of them involved a huge credit card debt.

So… what happened? How did she climb back up? Did she run away and hide?


Well… Bianca showed us what we can achieve by taking a step forward and be honest to ourselves and everyone around us.

She also showed us her tenacity to do better and an unyielding ability to swim upstream.

And most importantly, she showed that life is all about the choices you make.


Like we said, some stories just need to be told and heard…

Tune in today folks. You won’t regret it.


Free Stuff Mentioned


Additional notes:

If you’re finding yourself in a tight spot then please do not hesitate to reach out for help. That’s the first step to recovery. Here are some useful links that might help you take that step:


Here’s what we cover…

  • 1:28 – Meet Bianca.
  • 1:56  – What was money like when growing up?
  • 3:14 – What were the observations that she learned from her mom?
  • 6:46 – The “GREAT” transition to young adulthood!!  
  • 8:30 – “Hmm… Something doesn’t really add up…?”
  • 9:11 – What was her motivation to get a second job?
  • 9:55 – What is this…. a credit card?! (Uh oh…)
  • 11:30 – The denial phase that felt like an insurmountable challenge
  • 12:20 – What was the one thing Bianca thinks she has lost?
  • 13:32 – THIS is the best thing you would do…
  • 14:25 – Internal dialogues that were playing in her head
  • 17:50 – What’s the best way to rip the band-aid off?
  • 21:31 – The danger of looking for help online!
  • 22:30 – Financial Peace: How does she plan to achieve this? 
  • 24:32 – Did you know this about Auckland, New Zealand?
  • 27:18 – What can you learn by just observing your local community?
  • 29:50 – Moving across the ditch!
  • 30:45 – The 1st Property!! Saved a Deposit, Found the Property, Offer got accepted but…. LMI said no. (Huh?! But why?)
  • 32:04 – So… What did they spend the deposit on instead?
  • 32:50 – The defining moment in their journey
  • 36:16 – Yes, it’s a money spreadsheet again
  • 38:43 – When did they finally manage to buy their first home?
  • 40:42 – Multitasking 101: Best Way to Learn!
  • 44:34 – What is their next course of action towards Financial Peace?
  • 46:13 – Her heartfelt message to her younger self and others
  • 50:44 – How are things different now?
  • 54:31 – What made her come on our Summer Series?



Note: There are more real-life investor stories like this in our Previous Summer Series! Make sure you check them all out here.

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374 | How to Win Robert Kiyosakis’ Cashflow Game in Real Life!! – Chat with Marina

“You wanna be the janitor”

This is probably the first time we’ve ever had a guest over where money conversations were not only discussed at the dinner table but… it was a hot topic anytime of the day!

For very good reason too!

Marina, our special guest today had an awareness towards money and investment at a very early age.

In fact, when others were playing Monopoly, Marina was playing Robert Kiyosaki’s cashflow game (Quick tip: It seems… being a janitor in the cashflow game has the highest chance of winning it 😉)

She had a full grasp on the concept of debt – tolerable, horrible and productive – a long time before she discovered The Property Couch and she also started investing in property at the tender age of 19.


  • Where did that drive come from?
  • How did she develop a can-do attitude?
  • What are some life lessons she learned along the way?
  • And which of our fundamentals gave her a boost?

Folks… We seriously can’t describe how uplifting her story is and there is much to learn from this episode so let’s jump into it now!


Free Stuff Mentioned


Here’s what we cover…

  • 1:24 – Meet Marina.
  • 2:03 – Money was a hot topic?!!
  • 3:11 – Unconventional Wisdom from negotiating for a Furby
  • 5:05 – Where did the money awareness come from?
  • 9:01 – How is it like when your mum is a superhero? 🦸‍♀️
  • 10:45 – Having a transparent and honest money conversation within the household goes a long way folks! Here’s the proof of that…
  • 12:45 – Introduction to Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Game
  • 13:22 – The embarrassing job interview 😱
  • 14:05 – Why did she drop out of uni?
  • 16:10 – Property research skills that have been passed down from her parents…
  • 17:32 – THIS is how you win the Cashflow Game!
  • 19:25 – When spreadsheet budgeting becomes _____________?
  • 22:11 – The “Aha!” moment!
  • 25:36 – A 250% increase in their surplus?!!
  • 26:54 – What are all the changes that they’ve made for that to happen?
  • 30:21 – Saving thousands of dollars by just signing a few papers?!
  • 31:25 – What happened that she had to return HALF of the First Home Owner Grant?
  • 34:01 – Why you shouldn’t bring your dad to an auction…. #ToughLove
  • 37:35 – Buying the Family Home
  • 39:55 – What are their next steps for here?
  • 42:55 – Why it’s important to merge their money mindset
  • 46:06 – The bombshell moment…
  • 49:27 – The importance of facing your demons and taking action
  • 52:45 – What does she want to impart to our community?



Note: There are more real-life investor stories like this in our Previous Summer Series! Make sure you check them all out here.

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