054 | Q&A – Entry into the property investment market, debt reduction and investing in house and land packages

It’s Q&A time! This week on The Property Couch, Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley will be answering the questions below from our fellow listeners. Thanks again for submitting your questions!

  • Entry into the property investment market question from Aaron: Hi guys! could you possibly talk about entry into the property investment market? Specifically how much money you need? I have some money sitting in a term deposit but I have heard that you need more like $40,000 before you can even look at starting out. If that’s true, then I need to keep saving. But I keep thinking to myself “what if its better to start investing that money into cheaper property so that you can start investing sooner rather than later”. How much money should people have before starting?
  • Debt reduction questions from Marty: I have just finished the new book and found the content informative and practical. I do however find myself grasping for answers about debt pay down in the practical section. How does the graph move to a zero debt position on IOnly loans? I would like some more detail on this area as it’s probably the missing link for me in the whole process. In case study three a couple with surplus annual income of 36k Pays 1,000,000 in principle in 10 years with IO loans. The property selections are not high yielding so I’d expect the cash flow to be only just positive even at year 15. Am I missing something?
  • Debt reduction questions from Mitch: Hey guys. Love your podcasts and your book. Just a quick question about paying down debt to start receiving passive income. In your book you say to set up all loans to interest only, if I want to retire off passive income at the age of 40 how do I pay down debt without selling any properties and without access to my superannuation?
  • House and land packages question from Rob: Hi Guys, love the podcast – I’m an avid listener and after finding you, went back to Ep 1 and went through them all. I’m just about to place an order on the book… Fundamental Question: Is a house and land package always a bad investment, or are there situations it can work as an investment property?


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