Money Magazine – Earn $2500 a Week at Retirement

Money Cover Story - March 2013 - The Property Couch earn 2500 a week at retirementAs mentioned in Episode 20 | Science of Asset Selection – The Buyer’s Decision Quadrant, here’s the article that Bryce wrote on Money Magazine: Earn $2500 A Week at Retirement in March 2013.


Here’s a snippet of the article:

How often have you found yourself picturing a retirement where you’re enjoying regular overseas holidays, spending your spare time with your grandkids and leisurely filling up your days doing all the things you love? We all have but we’re brought down to earth quickly by reports suggesting there won’t be enough money for a comfortable retirement. Perhaps even worse, some of us will have to work much longer than planned.

So the idea of creating a $2500-a-week passive income for a life in retirement free of debt ($130,000pa in today’s money) could be thought a stretch of the imagination. This would put you in the highest bracket of retirement earnings in the country and, according to the latest census (2011), would provide you with more than double the average total household income of $63,960.

The goal is achievable

Nevertheless, after looking at three typical households – a late-20s single, a mid-30s couple with two young children and a mid-40s couple with two teenagers – that have never invested in property, and carefully considering if it’s possible to achieve this passive income of $2500 a week, it’s exciting to know it can be done with low to moderate risk and potentially minimal impact on their current standard of living.

The big question is, how?


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Four Ways a Property Investor will Pay


With all the educational materials from this podcast to articles and videos that Bryce and Ben provides, a lot of property investors have an impression that we are encouraging them to DIY when it comes to investing in property. The fact is, we are not. Instead, what we are hoping to achieve is to raise awareness on how the industry works and help investors understand the process more and hopefully, when their advisor consulted them on an issue, the investors would make a better decision. So in this video, Bryce explains what are the Four Ways a Property Investor will Pay. Start watching it today.




Bryce Holdaway - Quote of the Day - The Property CouchBryce Holdaway – Partner, Property Advisor & Buyers Agent

As co-host of The Property Couch, Bryce Holdaway is also a partner at Empower Wealth and Co-Host of Relocation Relocation Australia and Location Location Location Australia on Foxtel’s Lifestyle Channel. A qualified Buyers Agent and Financial Planner, Bryce holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting), Real Estate Agent License and Diploma in Financial Services (Financial Planning).


Nominations for Investor’s Choice Award 2015

The Property Couch is big on providing good quality and independent property investment advice via a casual and conversational tone to help Australian Property Investors from making mistakes. If you think we are doing a good job, we would love to get nominated for the Investor’s Choice Award 2015!


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Our details for nomination:

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Hello Ben Kingsley here, co-host of The Property Couch with Bryce Holdaway.

I just want to ask a quick favor if we could. There’s a nomination going out for a new award called the Investors Choice Awards. Now The Property Couch is all about giving Education and Content around the Property Market so we’d love it if you could nominate us for Property Educator/Mentor category.

By doing that, we would be able to spread the word so more people can learn about property investing. Thank you very much for taking the time to complete the award nomination form and let’s see how we go.

Bye for now.


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7 Common Mistakes When Selecting A Property Loan

The Property Couch Free report 7 common mistakes people make when choosing a loan - Structuring and strategy 2Whether it’s your very first home loan, your first investment property loan or maybe even a refinance of an existing loan, the decision you make about what lender and what loan product you choose carries a significant financial impact on you, so you need to get it right. As promised in Episode 17 | Who’s Your Personal Banker?, this special report is about ensuring that those of you just starting out, or those of you who need your financial affairs brought back into order, don’t make any common mistakes.

Click on the report to start downloading it.

Beginner’s Guide to Property Investment in Australia – WEBINAR

Apart from Property Investing Podcast, we want to be able to provide you with some visual demonstration on the theories and concept of property investment in Australia. That is why we’ve prepared this Free Webinar: Beginner’s Guide to Property Investment. Investing in Property is a high value transaction and mistakes can be quite costly so make sure you are fully prepared before making any decisions. Register today to learn more.


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What will this Webinar cover?


Have you ever read an article that says, “We’ve build a $2 million property portfolio in under 5 years!” and thought to yourself, “How did they do it?!”. Well, you are not alone.

Property Investment is a popular choice of building wealth for a number of reasons. But to start building your portfolio is not easy. You need to know a few things:

  • How to start investing?
  • Where should you buy the first one?
  • Apartment or House? New or old?
  • How should you structure your loan?
  • Do you have enough?

Since it is your first time, you need to make sure everything is right. As we always say at Empower Wealth, property is a high value transaction and to screw it up will result in very unfortunate damage and they are often irreversible. So join this free webinar today and make sure you are on the right path!

If you register today, we’ll send you our Money Magazine Cover story: How to Earn $2,500 a week by Building a Property Portfolio.


What are the Attendees’ Saying?

Essential viewing for any aspiring property investors, ticks off all the basic requirements prior to entry. – Nick S.

That was great! The webinar and website info is really helping me build my knowledge bank before getting out there! – Michael M.

Really well explained especially for first timers. Great pieces of information provided. – M


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