262 | Before & After: From “Scared and Sold Everything” To Financial Peace – Chat with Gabby

“80% of winning is beginning”

 When Gabby first invested in property, she lost her nerve and pulled the pin early … she sold everything. And a very big reason she got rid of the lot was simple and actually pretty common — she didn’t have enough confidence that she could “weather the storms” accordingly.

But then she found Money SMARTS, our simple 7-step money management system… and now Gabby’s life — as well as that of her husband and their 11 and 13 year-old kids — looks a WHOLE lot different!! For one, they have financial peace… and, armed with a strategic Plan to earn a passive income for life, they’re about to embark on investing again… this time with confidence they’ll be able to hold onto the properties for the LONG TERM.

The question is… what did this transformation look (and feel) like???

Well, tune in folks because that’s exactly what you’re about to find out!! Yep. We started our Summer Series with James Clear teaching us How To Hack Your Habits To Make You A Better Money Manager … and now you’re about to hear it from someone who went ahead and actioned it!


AND a Special Announcement to fellow Investors out there…

As Ben mentioned, if you own an investment property in Victoria, the proposed changes to the Victorian Rental Tenancy Act will impact you, so it’s important that you act now. Given the significant changes to the Act, your property could be impacted in terms of:
1. It’s future Value
2. How you manage the property going forward
3. Your tenant selection process

The Property Investors Council of Australia (PICA) is asking you to make a personal submission to the Victorian Government regarding this legislation. You only have until 5pm on Wednesday 18 December 2019 to have your say on the draft regulations. You must act now to ensure property investors are heard.

To help you make your submission please follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on this link here to open your word submission document. Give it a name- ie “John Smith’s submission form” and add your name to the bottom of the submission (in the highlighted red section). Save it in your computer.
  2. Click on this link https://engage.vic.gov.au/rentingregulations and scroll to the bottom of the page
  3. In the “Make a submission” section, enter your name and email, leave the section titled ‘organisation name’ blank. This ensures the submission is entered as a private individual and not part of PICA as we have already submitted one.
  4. Click on “Choose file…” and look for the submission form that you’ve saved on your computer. Click on “Open” and that will attach the file.
  5. Click on “Submit”


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The Episode Breakdown

05:20 – Gabby’s Money Backstory! (You can hear what money was like in our own lives here)
12:55 – When did Gabby decide to get serious with money?
18:16 – What was it like to see Money SMARTS visually?
19:21 – How transformative is an offset account?
22:31 – What “provisions” are being tracked?
24:10 – How long is the monthly check up?
25:20 – How has Money SMARTS impacted the way Gabby buys groceries?
26:44 – Who had the most difficulty getting used to the 7Day Float?
28:00Money Lessons for Kids: talking money around the dinner table
28:20 – How is their money working harder now?
32:20 – What app does Gabby use to help her manage the 7 Day Float?
33:20Why advice?
40:10 – Gabby’s advice for you….


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