481 | Property Market Outlook 2024


It’s everybody’s favourite time of the year…  

(No, it’s not Christmas. Or your birthday. Well, it’s actually OUR birthday month and we’re giving you a present: Our Free Suburb Report 😉) 

It is, however, that time of year when we bring you…  

Our 2024 Property Market Outlook!   

Using expert data from the past 12 months and our own countless years of experience, we’re covering…  

👉 The headlines we saw in 2023 (and the #1 biggest derailer the Gov didn’t expect) 
👉 Why did we see housing prices soar? (With economic insights)
👉 The Big Focus of 2024, plus the one critical number the RBA is waiting to change before interest rates drop

👉 Where will the plane land? Interest rates, inflation figures & the easing cycle  
👉 What investors want to see in business investment data
👉 The Supply Story: What data reveals about future sale and rent volume   
👉 The downside risks and critical upsides in 2024
👉 Will property prices grow over the next 12 months?  
👉 The Rental Story: Will the crisis continue?  
👉 The most challenged markets and what markets we predict to see growth in!  
👉 Rental Rises: Who are the price makers and takers today?      

Tune in now to hear us honestly assess the past predictions and forecast the future of Australia’s housing market! 


P.S. The Property Investors Council of Australia (PICA) needs support! As mentioned in “What’s Making Property News”, PICA is a not-for-profit organisation that gives property investors across Australia a voice. Any membership or donation helps. Become a member, donate or find out more today >>   


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  • 0:00 – Property Market Outlook 2024 
  • 1:39 – Free Suburb Report  
  • 5:29 – Thank you, Muzzaaa (Let us know what’s on your mind & get a free Start & Build course!)  
  • 6:27 – Mindset Minute: There are two ways to use money… 
  • 7:14 – What happened in 2023?  
  • 10:07 – Why have housing prices soared?  
  • 11:37 – Last year, we got THIS wrong…  
  • 12:20 – The Water Wheel is slowing 
  • 14:44 – The big headline of 2024 
  • 15:07 – What we want to see in Business Investment data 
  • 17:15 – Are businesses and government still splurging on spending?  
  • 18:45 – The number that needs to change before interest rates drop… 
  • 21:27 – The drivers of demand  
  • 23:51 – Our assumptions  
  • 26:32 – The dangerous derailers  
  • 27:29 – The supply story: What the data reveals about future sales and rent volume  
  • 30:01 – New financing for investors & owner-occupiers 
  • 32:51 – The incoming storm: The #7 downside risks 
  • 35:38 – Here’s the exciting upsides!  
  • 37:06 – Buyer Demand across Australia 
  • 38:59 – Days on Market & Vendor Discounts: What do they signal?  
  • 41:32 – Use THIS sophisticated tool for predicting growth…  
  • 43:53 – Good signs for property prices  
  • 45:31 The rental story: Will the crisis continue?  
  • 48:12 – The most challenged markets 
  • 50:29 – Let’s consolidate: Big 4 bank’s outlook & what markets we predict to see growth 
  • 53:38 – The Commuter Belt is driving… 
  • 54:44 – Why Melbourne is a challenged market  
  • 58:56 – Predictions for Sydney  
  • 1:01:38 – Our advice for 2024  


  • 1:05:44 – Lifehack: Sleep is the best meditation. Here’s how to ease yourself into it.
  • 1:09:57 – WMPN: Help give investors a voice through supporting PICA 


456 | Australian Housing Market Update: 2023 Mid-Year Report

Want to know the hottest upcoming markets as we round off 2023?  

Or why the housing market is actually just like…a Waterwheel?!?  

Yep. It’s that time of year again folks! We’re sitting down to unpack everything we’ve seen in 2023 so far, why we’re seeing it, and how you can end your year on a high thanks to our Mid-Year Property Outlook! 

From where the cash rate landed (Were our predictions right??) to our forecast for property prices and the biggest reasons why you shouldn’t be focusing on the super macro story, this episode is packed with TONS of topical insights and expert data.  

Plus, we’re covering gold like the biggest enemies of future market growth, the markets that are set to BOOM or BUST and the important upcoming market test that you’ll definitely want to get in before…  

Tune in now to find out what it is and get a super accurate and timely crystal ball reading of the future!😉  


P.S. Be sure to tune in to Bryce’s Mindset Minute which explains the secret truth behind a lot of our buying behaviour as consumers. Seriously, “The Man in the Car Paradox” will blow your mind!  


 Give it a listen now or watch the Episode below! 


Free Stuff Mentioned… 


Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 1:21 – Women’s World Cup, Winter Series and Where the Market is Going!  
  • 6:50 – Mindset Minute: The Man in the Car Paradox  
  • 12:48 – Our January 2023 Thesis  
  • 14:19 – The UPDATED Thesis: Where did the cash rate land?  
  • 15:25 – Recreational spend is starting to crash?!  
  • 16:46 – What we didn’t factor in….  
  • 18:48 – The Waterwheel Analogy  
  • 21:14 – The Fiscal Policy: The simple way to understand what’s happening…  
  • 25:38 – Has Business investment started to dry up? 🙁  
  • 28:09 – How to Grow the Pie!!! 
  • 29:29 – Relying on the Government is NOT a plan 
  • 31:42 – The Goldilocks Spot for inflation  
  • 36:01 – Where are we going from here?  
  • 37:03 – The data is saying there will be a ____ in new listing numbers  
  • 38:16 – Trends and opportunities in the market!  
  • 39:45 – Don’t get caught up in the SUPER MACRO. Here’s why… 
  • 43:25 – The positive property growth story 
  • 45:31 – The market bottomed out here…
  • 46:04 – THESE are the enemies of growth! 
  • 47:19 – Why the buffer rate is breaking the market!  
  • 50:01 – Do we really want to poke the bear? 🐻 
  • 51:17 – The Battle of the Rental Freeze & Risk of Stubborn Inflation 😮  
  • 53:10 – Changing the Narrative  
  • 56:29 – The real test: You want to be in BEFORE this!  
  • 58:18 – Herd Mentality & taking advantage of the Market 
  • 1:00:07 – How to be opportunistic when others can’t!  
  • 1:00:50 – Who SHOULDN’T PLAY? BOOM? BUST? 
  • 1:01:57 – Beware of the return of spruikers!  
  • 1:02:32 – Folks, you should still avoid THESE plans… 
  • 1:03:32 – Avoiding certain markets like the plague  
  • 1:06:33 – Life Hack: How does the Man in the Car Paradox affect you 
  • 1:07:54 – What’s Making Property News: ‘Tis the season of inquiries…   


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435 | Should I Sell or Hold Right Now?!

With today’s unpredictable and rapidly changing market, how does one know the best investing pathway for them? 🤔😕😵‍💫  

Like, how can this couple ensure they stay in the property game long term when they’ve overreached on their first property?  

Should this couple, who have plans to live overseas, look to buy an investment property or home first?!  

Or how can one, who’s burdened with debt and trapped in an “investing is for rich people” mindset, escape this negative spiral?!   

Folks, this is just a snapshot of today’s episode which is focused on sharing REAL stories from real clients who’ve come to us to optimise their investing journeys – especially in today’s turbulent market.  

We’ll be giving you an insider’s look at the tactics that are involved in planning, covering how our highly qualified and experienced advisors navigate and propose their solutions, so you can do it with your own journey.  

Yep. We’re baring it all.  

Tune in now to get a behind-the-scenes look at how the experts do it!  


P.S. If you hadn’t heard yet…you can now watch this episode on Youtube! Click here or on the video below now >>

Free Stuff Mentioned… 


Want to work with Bryce & Ben’s Award-Winning Team? 


Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – Massive incoming gold!  
  • 1:23 – Bryce has no heckles left to give…😉 
  • 3:47 – The origins of this episode  
  • 5:28 – Mindset Minute: Reaching the finish line is easy. The messy middle however…  
  • 12:34 – Scenario 1: How To Stay In The Game Long Term 
  • 15:18 – The #2 reasons Ben loves this story so much  
  • 18:07 – Is it really investment-grade for you?  
  • 20:24 – Scenario 2: First Home vs Investment Property 
  • 21:59 – Exploring Rentvesting as an option  
  • 24:22 – THIS was actually the better solution for them… 
  • 26:35 – Scenario 3: Should I Sell or Hold Now?!  
  • 28:41 – Where recycling costs + borrowing capacity comes in to play  
  • 30:29 – Behind-the-scenes: How we solved this!  
  • 33:58 – We haven’t rattled this off for a while…  
  • 36:22 – Scenario 4: Debt Burden 🙁  
  • 38:40 – How she consolidated and overcame these debts  
  • 41:33 – Set your home on stone, folks!  



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430 | 17 Properties & Counting: How To Play The Long Game – Chat with Damian Collins

Folks, we don’t usually focus on just ONE state, but considering it makes up 33% of Australia, we thought we’d make an exception… 😉   

Yep. If you haven’t guessed yet, this episode is all about investing for the long term in Perth, Western Australia. (aka. Bryce’s hometown!)   

And who better to help us unpack the WA Market than one of the state’s OGs (and returning Property Couch guest) Damian Collins, Founder and Managing Director of Momentum Wealth!  

He’s also the Chairman of Westbridge Funds Management, has been on the Council of the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA) since 2011 and served as President of the Institute from 2018 to 2022 (phew!)   

An active property investor himself, Damian also owns 17 properties in Western Australia!!  

Basically…he’s the property guru to talk to when talking all things west coast, and since our last catch-up, the market’s changed A LOT. 

We’re covering whether Perth is no longer just “a one-trick pony” (aka. A boom-or-bust mining town) and honestly… 

Why we think it’s about to boom!!  

Yep. You heard it here first folks. 😉 From the construction challenges WA has been facing to why “regression to the mean” should mean something to you, we’re giving you an updated and in-depth guide to investing in WA.  

Plus, tune in to hear Damian’s money backstory, the one passion that set him on his current trajectory today and how he kept his cool during COVID and rising interest rates.  

Tune in now!  


Free Stuff Mentioned… 


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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – We’ve landed a (returning) big fish today folks! 
  • 1:58 – Massive Resources Incoming: FB Lives, a future Moorr video & a PICA Webinar?!  
  • 7:37 – Mindset Minute: Success is hard because it requires…  
  • 9:10 – Re-introducing return guest, Damian Collins!  
  • 11:41 – Damian’s Money Story: Chickens, a recession and his inspiration to invest early 
  • 16:57 – This passion set Damian on this current trajectory…  
  • 19:12 – “Fortune favours the brave”: How Damian made his first investment 
  • 21:22 – From building his portfolio to starting Momentum Wealth  
  • 26:14 – Damian’s sentiment toward rising interest rates  
  • 29:29 – Was he tempted to sell a property during COVID!??  
  • 31:59 – The psychology trap many investors fall into during market cycles  
  • 35:57 – Why Perth’s prices are sitting where they are!  
  • 42:01 – Should Perth still be seen as just a mining town? 
  • 46:20 – If you’re in this position, Damian recommends investing in Perth… 
  • 48:30 – Regression to the mean: Why it should mean something to you!  
  • 49:43 – Why should you be investing in Perth today?  
  • 53:10 – The Critical Construction Industry Challenge  
  • 54:06 – Psst…Astute or borderless investors, listen to this part 😉  
  • 56:45 – Investing in Commercial property (+ Damian’s solution to remove barriers of entry for everyday folk)  
  • 1:01:04 – The class Damian likes to invest heavily in…  



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429 | Property Market Outlook 2023

Folks, it’s about that time of year again…  

We’re dusting off our crystal ball, crunching the numbers from last Quarter and using our hard-earned experience from past market cycles to give you…  

Your ultimate Property Market Outlook for 2023!  

 From the suburbs that are set to soar in 2023 to when we can finally expect this record rate hike to end, we’re covering everything you can expect this year and answering:

Is Australia headed towards a V or U-Shaped Recovery?  

And of course…we’ll be using some super useful reports to bring you the wider Macro Story in Australia including inflation numbers, property supply levels and more.

With each year bringing a completely different property market, tune in to get an expert forecast for 2023 and be prepared for the year ahead.  

Give it a listen now! 


Free Stuff Mentioned… 


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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – We’ve been receiving super positive feedback on the WealthSPEED (Thank you!)  
  • 4:01 – Here’s how to easily access ALL resources mentioned in this show….
  • 4:49 – Mindset Minute: Spoil your kids, and you’ll end up doing this😉  
  • 6:46 – What we’ve been hearing at the coal face… 
  • 9:34 The Baseline Scenario Set Up  
  • 11:22 – Our prediction for the Cash Rates (THIS is what’s holding the market back…) 
  • 15:30 This is why we think we’re close to an interest rate pause! (Reason #1)  
  • 17:48 – The 3 Population Buckets  
  • 18:23 – See the Australian Household Savings Ratio Graph here >> 
  • 19:51 – Reason #2  
  • 21:19 – Breaking down our Inflation Indicators
  • 23:14 – THIS was the biggest catalyst of core inflation 😮  
  • 24:10 – Our Inflation Prediction (Using December’s NAB Business Sentiment Survey Data.) 
  • 26:38 – Reason #3 (Immigration + Employment = ?!?)  
  • 29:08 – “Disinflation”, construction costs (Read CoreLogic’s Cordell Construction Cost Index here >>)  
  • 31:20 – The Macro Story in Australia (& what happens if we have a rate pause?!)  
  • 33:39 – Property supply & demand levels (See the Capital City Properties Listed For Sale graph here >>) 
  • 40:40 – Our forecast for property supply levels 
  • 41:56 – The Lending Story & APRA’s potential role  
  • 43:56 When should you get into the property market?  
  • 47:41 – When we think the market will bottom out!   
  • 51:39 – Is Australia headed towards a V or U-Shaped Recovery?  
  • 52:57 – What markets-within-markets are set to soar?   
  • 1:01:33 Who should be buying this year?  
  • 1:05:36 – …and who definitely shouldn’t be buying this year?  
  • 1:11:52 – Our Top Takeaways & Predictions   


  • 1:16:28 – You can unread your messages?! Here’s how😮  
  • 1:18:10 – China’s off its COVID Zero policy… 
  • 1:20:35 – Leave us your questions for our next Q&A Day! Send them through our SpeakPipe here >>  


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