Best Business Podcast – Episode Ranking | January 2020

If you haven’t noticed it yet…. This year’s Summer Series is LIVE and is becoming a huge hit!!

With 8 special guests, all real-life investors and each has a great transformation story to tell, it’s no wonder that The Property Couch had been ranking in the Top 10 Business Podcast for the last few weeks. AND we’re also ranking at #78 on Spotify Podcast Chart (All Categories) around the world too! A big thank you to all our listeners for tuning in to this year’s Summer Series.

So which episodes are the most downloaded in the past month? Here you go! And remember, if you’re new to our podcast, make sure to listen to Episode 1 to Episode 20. They are the foundations and fundamentals that you need to know when it comes to property, finance and money management. Play it on 1.5x speed and you’ll catch up in no time!


p.s. We just realised that iTunes has set a limit to the amount of episodes available as well. So if you’re looking for first 20 episodes, check them out on our Archive page or simply download the Binge Guide Report! 🙂

p.p.s. And here are some of the TPC GOLD that we’ve done in the past month. You can check out our Facebook Page for more videos like this. Enjoy! 🙂






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