374 | How to Win Robert Kiyosakis’ Cashflow Game in Real Life!! – Chat with Marina

“You wanna be the janitor”

This is probably the first time we’ve ever had a guest over where money conversations were not only discussed at the dinner table but… it was a hot topic anytime of the day!

For very good reason too!

Marina, our special guest today had an awareness towards money and investment at a very early age.

In fact, when others were playing Monopoly, Marina was playing Robert Kiyosaki’s cashflow game (Quick tip: It seems… being a janitor in the cashflow game has the highest chance of winning it 😉)

She had a full grasp on the concept of debt – tolerable, horrible and productive – a long time before she discovered The Property Couch and she also started investing in property at the tender age of 19.


  • Where did that drive come from?
  • How did she develop a can-do attitude?
  • What are some life lessons she learned along the way?
  • And which of our fundamentals gave her a boost?

Folks… We seriously can’t describe how uplifting her story is and there is much to learn from this episode so let’s jump into it now!


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Here’s what we cover…

  • 1:24 – Meet Marina.
  • 2:03 – Money was a hot topic?!!
  • 3:11 – Unconventional Wisdom from negotiating for a Furby
  • 5:05 – Where did the money awareness come from?
  • 9:01 – How is it like when your mum is a superhero? 🦸‍♀️
  • 10:45 – Having a transparent and honest money conversation within the household goes a long way folks! Here’s the proof of that…
  • 12:45 – Introduction to Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Game
  • 13:22 – The embarrassing job interview 😱
  • 14:05 – Why did she drop out of uni?
  • 16:10 – Property research skills that have been passed down from her parents…
  • 17:32 – THIS is how you win the Cashflow Game!
  • 19:25 – When spreadsheet budgeting becomes _____________?
  • 22:11 – The “Aha!” moment!
  • 25:36 – A 250% increase in their surplus?!!
  • 26:54 – What are all the changes that they’ve made for that to happen?
  • 30:21 – Saving thousands of dollars by just signing a few papers?!
  • 31:25 – What happened that she had to return HALF of the First Home Owner Grant?
  • 34:01 – Why you shouldn’t bring your dad to an auction…. #ToughLove
  • 37:35 – Buying the Family Home
  • 39:55 – What are their next steps for here?
  • 42:55 – Why it’s important to merge their money mindset
  • 46:06 – The bombshell moment…
  • 49:27 – The importance of facing your demons and taking action
  • 52:45 – What does she want to impart to our community?



Note: There are more real-life investor stories like this in our Previous Summer Series! Make sure you check them all out here.

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