397 | “I Thought Investing was for Rich People” – How Knowledge Unlocked his Financial Freedom – Chat with Anthony

“I thought investing was for RICH people, and that’s just what it was. It was something a normal person didn’t do, and now our eyes are open – the possibilities are endless really.”  


Growing up in a household with a tight budget and parents working double jobs to feed a family of seven, our second Winter Series guest didn’t have a lot of money conversations around the table… 

In fact, there was none. 

Born and bred in Dublin, Anthony graduated into a culture where holidays were funded by loans and you spent everything you had, every week….even when he was working 3 jobs. 😱 

And he might’ve kept going down this path if not for his significant other – Carly -who thankfully bought him his first investing book, The Barefoot Investor, at age 27.  

Over the next decade Anthony has turned it all around, transforming from super spendthrifter to seasoned property investor and renovator.  

Find out how he made the jump, the practical lessons and behavioural management skills he’s learned along the way and how he’s “paper trading” his way towards investing success. 

Such an empowering tale folks, listen now for a big dose of motivation. 👊 


P.S. The countdown is on! Less than ONE WEEK until our webinar where we’re sharing the #3 biggest secrets being investing success. We’ve still got some spots left so make sure you register now to save yourself one!  



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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 1:01 – The Countdown is On – Next week is our webinar folks!
  • 1:55 – Meet Anthony: Growing up with both parents working double jobs…
  • 5:25 – “I spent everything I had, every week”
  • 7:20 – Being raised in 2000s Dublin: The GFC & his journey to Australia
  • 11:38 – How did he get into investing at age 27?
  • 12:52 – His road to The Property Couch and property investing!
  • 14:40 – What did Anthony choose property?
  • 15:40 – Managing debt + rising interest rates: how does he stay calm?
  • 18:28 – How a plan is helping couple in 2 very different ways
  • 19:45 – A wedding, another investment property and renovating: How are they achieving it all?
  • 22:45 – How are they building buffers into their portfolio?
  • 25:26 – Having different risk profiles: what conversations are this couple having?
  • 26:51 – What benefits does the plan bring for Carly + Anthony?
  • 31:15 – Moving from FIFO to Family focused: how has it been worked into their roadmap?
  • 33:05 – Why Anthony is “paper trading” his life…
  • 34:40 – The Thought Process behind Staying vs. Upgrading their Property
  • 38:30 – Why this couple feels like they’ve already made it!
  • 42:30 – WHY they created a plan!
  • 43:54 – Anthony has locked down this ONE point which is leading him to success…
  • 44:30 – What would life be like for him without a plan?
  • 47:23 – Our Key Takeaways!
  • 48:48 – How many properties do they need?!





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