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Episode 361 | When Is It Too Late To Get Into Property?

Have you left it too late?

Has the market moved?

Are you too old to start?

With the media hyping on about how hot the property market is these days, we get that some of you might be feeling a little anxious (even frustrated!). Everywhere you go, you’d probably hear people saying, “The prices are crazy these days!”

And yes, they might be right.

So… If you’re worried that it might be a bit too late to start investing in property, then today’s episode is perfect for you.

And the best part is…

There are quite a few calculations today too!

Better get a pen and paper on standby or just reduce the playback speed on some parts 😉

Oh! Before we go ahead with the questions, just a bit of a teaser… Make sure you stay till the end cause Bryce and Ben will be sharing their early prediction on how this year’s property market will end and where will next year’s market go on the “What’s Making Property News” segment!



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The Questions We Answer

Question from Luke about Having a $700k Mortgage in Late 40s

My wife and I are at a crossroads.
We never thought owning a home was worth it until now…and I reckon we’ve missed the boat…
For years my wife and I deliberated over buying a home. We travelled for work in our 20’s so renting was easier while we were on the go… by the time we settled down to have kids one income made it almost impossible to save for a deposit.
Fast forward 15 years and we’re 46 with 2 teenage kids and still renting…
We have around $260k in super between us plus $80k in savings. We’re sick of seeing that $3k rent money disappear from our banks each month and we are scared of renting as we age further so is it worth having a $700k mortgage at our age? And if not, what is the best way for us to secure our future?

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Question from John about Selling Shares to Put in an Offset Account

Hi Bryce and Ben.
Love the podcasts and I’ve been a keen listener for a couple of years now.
I’ve learnt a lot from you guys and have recently just bought my first investment property. I also have a small amount of shares invested in the market which I’ve made capital gains on.
My question is – is there any benefit, tax or otherwise, in selling my shares and putting the money in my offset account?
For example, can I reduce my capital gains tax on my shares by moving that asset into the offset account?

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Question from Renee about When to Buy a PPOR?

Hey guys, I have recently found your podcast and am grateful for the wealth of knowledge you provide.
So firstly, thank you!
I have a potential podcast question. The penny has just dropped regarding what you said about obtaining negatively geared investment properties with an aim for capital growth early on, then leaning towards neutral and cash flow positive properties later on.
My question is, strategically when does buying a PPOR fit into that scheme? Should you invest, sell, buy PPOR then invest with the equity? Particularly in south Sydney where anything 3 bedroom is at least $1.5 million.
I thought some personal context might be helpful.
I’m 25 and have an apartment in south Sydney that I’m currently living in but could be an investment long term. I have a stable income about $115k that will go up to about $150k by the end of next year which is when I will hopefully buy an investment property.
Obviously holding on to both properties would be the goal but I’m struggling to see how I could buy a PPOR by 6 or 7 years time without having to sell both.
Thank you in advance!

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Question from Peter about Get a Loan with high interest vs. not buying?

Hi Bryce and Ben,
Love your podcasts. Want to ask quick question in regarding real estate investing.
I have reached my borrow capacity but can do low doc loans, would you think it better to get a loan with a bit higher interest than not buying property?

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Episode 358 | Too Much Risk? Australian Property & Economic Update – Chat with Nerida Conisbee

Breaking news just in on the property & economic front, folks!

There’s clearly quite a bit going on with the health crisis, soaring property market and… just announced this week… an indication that a tightening of lending might be coming sooner than we think!

Despite price growth in the current market being led primarily by owner-occupiers, the risks around rising household debt may mean that APRA and the financial regulators will step in to prevent the build-up of future risks to the broader economy…

The question is: If they’re going to pull the handbrake, What Would This Look Like and WHEN Would It Happen?

Here to unpack all this, as well as the latest Australian Property & Economic Update is our good friend Nerida Conisbee, Chief Economist at Ray White.

Now, if you’ve heard Nerida’s data-driven insights and wisdom on the show before, you might’ve noticed she’s had a little change in title from Chief Economist at the REA Group… And if you haven’t heard from her before (you’re in for a real treat!) or simply need a refresher: Nerida is a highly regarded economist, with a specific expertise in residential and commercial property. She is currently the MOST quoted property commentator in Australia, the third most quoted economist and a sought-after public speaker, writer and columnist with more than 20 years of property research experience throughout Asia Specific.

So, if you want a PRECISE update on property and economic news here in Australia (and where it’s looking to go from here), then please listen now to get the gold & stay informed.


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Here’s What We Cover…

  • 00:40 – Block your ears non-AFL fans 😉
  • 03:28 – Try this word instead.
  • 05:24 – Meet Nerida…
  • 06:04 – The change & data leak
  • 07:36 – Never Before Revealed: Nerida’s Money Backstory!!
  • 10:46 – Does she carry this through with her own family?
  • 13:24 – Nerida’s property story
  • 14:33 – The current economy – What’s going on?!
  • 16:27 – What will likely unfold in the December quarter?
  • 16:57 – What picks up when we come out of lockdown?
  • 17:12 – The Big Challenge: Iron Ore Prices
  • 17:49 – Where will this show up most in the Aus economy?
  • 18:48 – What might happen if we see higher hospital rates?
  • 21:25 – Australia’s Economy­ – What might happen?
  • 22:38 – The Lack of Migration: How Problematic Is It?
  • 23:39 – The Hot Topic: INFLATION
  • 26:00 – Too Much Risk!?!
  • 26:18 – A Trillion Dollars In Debt: Australia’s Debt Hole
  • 26:47 – How are we going to pay that debt back?
  • 28:15 – Property Update!
  • 29:45 – Breaking News: Josh Frydenberg’s Announcement!
  • 30:08 – Household Debt — Where is it currently at?
  • 31:25 – What does Nerida see happening with the regulations?
  • 35:54 – How do you stop people taking on too much debt?
  • 38:30 – What’s happening with First Home Buyers?
  • 41:46 – What you need to know about immigration
  • 45:04 – The Luxury Market: How is it performing?
  • 46:34 – Listing Volumes – What’s happening now?
  • 49:00 – The Future of Commercial Property in CBDs
  • 52:14 – Unemployment Numbers: The Risk Factors
  • 55:21 – How to NOT save $250! (interesting way to look at things…)
  • 56:28 – Pain & Gain: New Data From CoreLogic



DON’T Invest in Property Without These Four Foundational Levers…

The process of building wealth is like operating a bulldozer…

What do we mean by that?

Well, a bulldozer comes with a few levers that you’ll need to push and pull to make sure that it’s doing what it’s meant to do. Likewise, when it comes to building your property portfolio, there are “Four Foundational Levers” that you’ll need to adjust to achieve your own specific and unique end goal.

And the faster you can adjust each of these levers, the quicker you’ll get to your goal.

To put this into perspective… Let’s say you’re building a house. First, you’d start with the number of rooms you need (the floor plan), then it’s size (the measurements), then the engineering (how it’s going to be built) and, finally, what it’s going to be built from (building materials). Without these things you can’t build the house as you planned to build it, right? Not to mention, if you changed just one of these things you automatically affect the other three.

And, yes, the same applies when you’re building wealth. You need ALL four levers and if you adjust one you impact ALL the rest….

So. What are the Four Levers when it comes to building wealth? And why are these so important for a property investor?!

Listen now to find out.


Don’t forget, get further insights and “play along at home” by picking up a FREE physical copy of our book here:


Here’s a bit of what we cover in today’s episode…

  • The Four Foundational Levers To Financial Peace and How They Work Together
  • How To Use The Four Foundational Levers To Align Your Passive Income Target With Your Current Circumstance
  • How can you PLAN your property portfolio?
  • Why won’t a “Cookie-Cutter” approach cut it?
  • How do you work out how much money you’ll need to retire?
  • WHEN should you start earning the passive income?
  • What’s the difference between discretionary and essential spending?
  • How much do kids cost?!


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Episode 290 | Why Job Security Does NOT Equal Income Security… And Why You Must Know The Difference Before the Next “X-Factor” Event Catches You Out

If there’s one thing COVID-19 has taught us, it’s this… “Job Security is Everything”. But if we think about it… is it really?!

Sure, the global pandemic – the “X-factor” event – caught quite a few of us (well all of us, really) off guard… but it became quickly obvious that life was interrupted for folks at VERY diverse levels.

Cue: Income Security.

Yep, Income Security looks and feels a whole lot different than just having a job to show up to. In fact, we vouch for the fact that it is the #1 Most Important Thing to focus your energy on if you want financial peace… EVEN during the most uncertain of times. ‘Cos now that a real-world “X-Factor” event has indeed struck, folks are left in in two distinct camps – 1.) folks who can take advantage when opportunity strikes… and, 2.) folks who MUST learn from what’s just happened!!

So, today we are diving deep on how to create a Passive Income WITHOUT having to buy heaps of properties, sacrifice your weekends knocking down walls or live off two-noodles for the rest of your life (who on earth wants to do that?!)

And while we still maintain that the “Best Time to Buy” is when your cashflows allow… we’re going to let you in on the little known tip about the 2020’s that you might not know about (hint: great news if you want to invest in property 😉!)

We reckon’ this episode will help to set you up, stay the course and, ultimately, end up with that income security that’ll see you through any of life’s curveballs!


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What we cover in today’s episode:


P.S. Yeww, footy’s back!

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Episode 289 | Why McDonald’s and Churches Know More About Land Value Than Anyone Else

What do McDonald’s and Churches have in common?

For starters, they understand what underpins property prices! And not only are we about to dive deep on this in today’s Q& A, we’re also going to tell you exactly why property is a different beast to other economic market’s across the country!

‘Cos here’s the deal folks…

… we got some very, ahh, ‘unedited’ feedback from Ryan about eight weeks ago — which was obviously right in the height of COVID-19 fear.  And instead of running away from this stuff, we’re going to tackle it head on. Maybe you might have similar thoughts in the back of your mind too!? So make sure to check it out.


And of course,  as AFL supporters, we cannot forget about the Big Freeze!

Although there are a bit of disruptions on the AFL schedule, Big Freeze 6 is still going ahead! Founded in 2014, FightMND was established with the purpose of finding effective treatments and ultimately a cure for Motor Neurone Disease. Here’s the link to the Big Freeze!! Donate here >.


On top of that, we’re also answering a who bunch of listener questions, like…

  • How to extend or refinance interest only periods
  • Understanding Demographics and Median Income
  • Selling Your Current Property To Afford A New (and better) Property
  • Recognising variances in data estimates and actual purchase price
  • How The Wealth Effect effects the economy


Question from Declan about extending or refinancing interest only periods
G’day Ivise, Ben and Bryce? Declan here, just push through the 300 odd episodes. Read both your books, trialled LocationScore, joined the Facebook group, PICA and set up Money SMARTS in the last seven and a half weeks. I can’t believe how much free content you guys have pushed out. It’s honestly been a sliding doors moment in my young investing career. My question for you is relatively simple: as a 23-year-old with a partner, rentvesting is essentially the only way we can get into an A or B-level grade property where we live. The missing piece from the last 300 episodes, in my point of view, has been discussion around extending or refinancing interest only periods. I was wondering if you could unpack a bit of a framework on the best way to prepare your financial situation so that a lender will consider extending your interest only period as having an extra one, two or three years on higher can be the difference between letting out your first property at a cashflow loss compared to being neutrally geared, which is, in my opinion, than Nirvana as a Young Bloke. P.S Go the Swans.


Question from Adam on Understanding Demographics and Median Income

Hi guys, how you going? My name is Adam and I love the podcast! I only found it about a week ago. By Day 3, I’d already ordered and read the book, by Day 5, I’d already recommended to about a dozen people and I’m just chewing through the backlog of the podcast. I’m currently on the Sunshine Coast and I’m looking to harvest equity and investment property I have in Adelaide to purchase a PPR while I’m working here because the rent to lifestyle ratio isn’t working in my favour. When I’m laying down the suburb demographics, you say aim for suburbs that are round about at a 35-medium age with an increasing median income. How do you account for the fact that retirees are either there to downsize or buy through their assets, pay for the premium lifestyle, and so drive up the median age, drive up the prices, but drive down the income? Thanks again, hope to hear answer from you. Have a great one.


Question from Antares Selling Your Property To Afford The Next Property

Hi guys. Just wondering your thoughts on our situation. We’re looking at buying a waterfront property on the central coast under $2 million and potentially holding our existing home, which is almost paid off and renting it and looking at selling it to maybe next year. It’s a lot to hold. It’s probably a 40% of our income if we didn’t have a renter. And also would it be better make to buy and sell the same market? Just when your thoughts on that guys. Thanks.


Question about variances in data estimates and actual purchase price from Jonny

Hi hopefully Bryce or Ben, I’m writing to you guys as I have a question and I’m desperate for an answer… I am in the cooling off period of my first home. The house is in Sturt, Adelaide. The property is 720m^2. Core logic data suggests the property is worth 485k. My offer of $490K has been accepted. With all this uncertainty around COVID-19, have I paid too much? Or should I go ahead with the sale. Currently tenanted at $360 per week until July. I am borrowing 90 percent. Is it just too risky as it’s my first investment? Or because I’m planning to hold for long term is it still a good idea? Hopefully someone can pls get back to me. Thank you in advance. Johnny.




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