Bonusisode with Nerida – How does Australia’s Property Market Compare to the Rest of the World?

Time for our monthly catchup with Nerida Conisbee, Chief Economist at realestate.com.au! It’s a long one today but we promise you it’s jam-packed with absolute gold!

So here are some of the discussions we had today:

👉 What’s been happening in the rental market and AirBnB listings?
👉 How did the Job Seeker and Job Keeper payments impact the real estate industry?
👉 Which Australian markets are showing strong rental demand?
👉 What’s the ideal strategy during these uncertain times?
👉 When is a good time to sell your property?
👉 What conditions have to be met to cause a 40% drop in the Australian Property Market as a whole?
👉 How does the Australian Property Market compare to Japan’s?
👉 What’s likely to happen on the other side of this pandemic?
👉 How are home buyers and investors’ activity looking like at the moment compared to previous months?
👉 What are online auctions and are they efficient enough to replace offline auctions?
👉 Tips on how to research and inspect a property online.

Hope this helps folks and don’t forget to check out last week’s episode on Coronavirus and Property FAQ here.

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UPDATE | QLD Emergency Rental Assistance Payment

Just a quick update folks! There’s been some changes since we released today’s episode. The Queensland government had set up a grant program that offers an emergency rental assistance payment of up to $500 a week, for up to four weeks, for Queenslanders who cannot make rent. We thought it’s critical that we let you know about this considering it’s related to today’s episode on Landlords vs Tenants.

Hope you find it helpful and here are all the links for this update:

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Episode 278 | Coronavirus: Landlords vs Tenants

Landlords vs Tenants.” Has this become the Unspoken Virus as the current pandemic escalates and more folks lostheir jobs, fall into financial distress and struggle to pay rent? 

Well, to answer this question, let’s talk about the myths and misinformation out there. 

Because we want to set the record straight in order to help BOTH landlords and tenants navigate what is a difficult time for all of us. 

Because, YES, there’s a whole lot of folks out there who are doing it really tough right now and we by no means want to understate this. We understand the severity of the situation. And we understand that there is NO “landlord vs. tenant” argument — because, realistically, there are no winners in this. 

Equally, we also know that the majority of investors only have ONE investment property and only the minority out there are super cash-flushed. Most of us are everyday Australians simply trying to self-fund…  

Put another way investors ie. landlords also feeling the hit with job losses and reduced income like everyone else. And we want do whatever we can to assist the community, but the fact is most of us can’t afford to bear the cost of having reduced or no rental income while still needing to cover mortgage repaymentstax commitments and repairs and maintenance. Most of us aren’t in a position to shoulder the responsibility if rent stops coming in because, as we explained in last week’s episode the “6month holiday” on your home loan, while helpful to those under duress, is merely a temporary freeze, which you will then have to make up for further down the track. 

So, in this episode, we want to share some ideas of what we think both the Federal AND State and Territory Governments need to do in order to step up and help all of us who are affected here. 

Again, WERE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER… and it’s wise we take a look at both sides of the equation… for Landlords AND Tenants. 

So, let’s get into the nitty gritty, debunk the myths and offer some useful solutions that could be beneficial for everyone. 


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What we Talk About in Today’s Episode: 

  • Why are Landlords and Tenants are in this together? 
  • Our ideas to help them BOTH 
  • Our Top Advice for Property Investors About Rent Reductions 
  • The Types of Landlords 
  • What’s NEW and What’s NOT New with tenancy hardship agreements? 
  • Misinformation about Landlords 
  • What monetary relief is available for tenants right now? 
  • Job Keeper” vs. “Job Seeker” Payments 
  • What happens to an investor’s Landlord Protection Policy if you drop your rent? 
  • How long will your Landlord Protection Policy cover you for? 
  • What do you need to show to claim tenancy hardship? 
  • Rental relief package for landlords… 
  • What is Centrepay, and who is eligible for it? 
  • Ideas around tax depreciation that could help during the COVID-19 crisis 
  • How are property managers helping tenants during financial hardship? 
  • What are the ramifications for landlords? 
  • What should you do if you don’t have a tax depreciation schedule? 
  • Claiming tax refund early 
  • What would we like to see at a Federal Level? 
  • What would we like to see at a state and territory level? 
  • What is PICA doing to help Landlords during the time of COVID-19? 
  • Is there an option to switching to interest only? 
  • What’s stopping people from switching p and I to IO? 
  • Are we going to see volatility come through the property market? 
  • Realistically, will there be a DROP in median property prices? 


And of course… Additional Helpful Resources on COVID-19

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And One Final Word…

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Bonusisode with Nerida – Coronavirus, Property AND Economy 😷🏡💸

Folks, March hasn’t ended yet but we’ve decided to bring forward our monthly catchup with Nerida Conisbee, Chief Economist at realestate.com.au! We understand that in these uncertain times, all you want is some certainty and information around all the changes that’s been happening.

So today, we had Nerida on Zoom and unpacked these discussions:

👉All the most recent updates to date relating to the real estate industry
👉Which market is being affected the most at the moment?
👉Will there be any tax breaks available for renters?
👉What kind of government incentives might be made available to property investors which in turn, can help them pass on to the renters?
👉What kind of trends are being seen on realestate.com.au?
👉How has this restriction on movement affected the Australian Economy?
👉What’s after this and which industry might take a bit longer to recover than others?
👉What stimulus have been announced so far and what kind of challenges and uncertainties are affecting the government’s decision?
👉With interest rates so low, easy access to money and planned government stimulus, how will the property market perform when this movement restriction ends?
👉Why Western Australia may come out the best?
👉How does wage subsidy works in the UK and will they implement it in Australia?

Hope this helps folks and don’t forget to check out last week’s episode on Coronavirus and Property FAQ here.
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And of course… Additional Helpful Resources on COVID-19

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Episode 192 | How do you compare to other property investors PLUS the Tech Platform that Outperforms any “Money Hack”!

Before we get into unpacking the recently produced PIPA Sentiment Survey (download here)…. Let’s play a game, folks!

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If you missed the announcement in last week’s episode, we thought we’d saturate today’s show notes with all of the huge announcements most dear to our heart! So, here it is again folks…

FREE LIVE Masterclass: How to Build a Property Portfolio and Retire on $2K Per Week without having to renovate, re-develop or sacrifice your weekends!

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Right, back to TODAY’S Hectic Episode: 


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