409 | Having It All: How To Make Every Move A Winner!

Folks often believe that it isn’t possible to achieve everything they want in life.  

But what if, with the right sequencing and frameworks…

It was possible to tick off everything on your bucket list?! 

What if you could make every investment decision a “winner”, helping you to achieve your dream lifestyle? 🤯

This is what we’re uncovering today with a real case study featuring Kevin & Bernadette (Not their real names): a young couple who are planning to achieve it all:  

👉 Start a family with 2 (or 3) kids, 

👉 Continue to build an impressive property portfolio that’ll earn them an $80K passive income, and  

👉 Have a comfortable transition into retirement. 

Starting off with an investment property that isn’t faring so well but with 2 steady incomes, we uncover how – through the power of frameworks, sequencing and paper trading – they can achieve ALL their life goals. 

So how will they do it?!   

Listen now to find out! 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️ 


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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – The gold this week!  
  • 1:07 – What’s New: A homage to the Queen, PIPA’s Breakfast & the Premier of NSW is coming on the couch?!  
  • 7:57 – Something HUGE is coming!!  
  • 9:36 – The 3 Critical Things That Help With Luck  
  • 11:07 – Today’s Case Study… 
  • 13:02 – Let’s just acknowledge this… 
  • 13:19 – Where are Kevin & Bernadette in life??  
  • 16:07 – So, why did they seek help?? 
  • 18:22 – The Google Maps Analogy!  
  • 21:20 – Their Goals: Retiring, Passive Income & Their Plan!!  
  • 23:04 – What were their big-ticket items?!  
  • 24:16 – We actually recommended THIS (We never do this!)  
  • 25:18 – …and this is why we recommended it.  
  • 28:20 – Why NOW is a good time to invest or upgrade to your dream home!!  
  • 29:25 – The problem with their set-up…  
  • 31:14 – This is a classic example of the Buyers Quadrant!  
  • 31:50 – What sequence this couple should follow!  
  • 34:25 – The Third Kid: The value of stress testing your buffers! 
  • 36:05 – What are the challenges this couple is facing??  
  • 37:07 – Maternity Leave & Cash Flow!  
  • 42:42 – What to consider when thinking about having children!  
  • 45:44 – Split Loans: How to tidy up money structures!!  
  • 48:10 – What does their final plan contain?  
  • 51:06 – The Essential Frameworks  
  • 52:40 – The 4 Steps To Build A Property Portfolio  
  • 55:30 – Come join us on the couch! Be our next Summer Series Guest!  


  • 57:12 – Ever wanted to “Google” where an image is from?! Try this life hack… 
  • 58:56 – Super and Build-To-Rent – will it happen??  
  • 1:01:03 – A Downward Spiral… 
  • 1:02:14 – Auction Clearance Rates: the future not so clear?! 
  • 1:03:07 – Ben’s predictions on RBA’s Interest Rates  



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