168 | Q & A on What % of your Income should you Spend, Borderless Investing and Smart Money Management Tips

It’s our favourite day of the month folks… Q & A Day!!!

And we’re covering quite a bit in a short & sweet amount of time today— including AN EXCLUSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT for our Couch listeners!!! (As it so happens, this was dropped with, “Yeah, go on, let’s tell ‘em” and a nod of the head… so an absolute scoop.)

Not only that, but also we answer 3 solid questions, thanks to the legends who leave us a SpeakPipe voicemail message (remember: we prioritise your Q if you do this too)!

But back to today’s episode — if you want to know what we think of investing in Hobart, and down in good ol’ Tassy in general (it’s been getting a bit of attention from a fair few property investors), OR you want to find out if now’s the time to invest in Perth … tune in.

But 100% TUNE IN if you’re keen to get on top of your Money SMARTS — we give you a rough rule of thumb for the amount of income you should allocate to your spending habits ie. How much you should spend on Bills, Living and Lifestyle and your Loan/s!!


The Q’s we’re answering are:


Question about investing in Perth vs Melbourne from David:

Good morning Ben, Bryce & The Stig,

I’m a keen Property Couch listener and thank you for your time generously sharing all your knowledge — it’s much appreciated. Just about myself, specifically: I’m a property investor with 3 properties — 2 in Perth, one in Brisbane. I’m a medical specialist with a good income and I’m looking to go again. I have a 900K pre-approval and looking at either Perth or Melbourne through a Buyers Agent. Clearly the Buyers Agent have biases… the Perth guy things Melbourne is a terrible place to Invest and the Melbourne guy thinks Perth is a terrible place to invest. If you had 900K, you wanted to go now and are a Buy and Hold investor that lines up with your ideas around a good quality growth asset, what would you do?
Thanks very much & come on the Dockers!


Question about Money Management Habits from Nerida:

What percentage of my income should be allocated to living and lifestyle account, primary account and payments account?


Question about investing in Tasmania from Stuart:

Hey guys, I just wanted to get your opinion on whether you’re focusing your attention on Tasmania? The reason for that question is I was just on a work trip to Tasmania last week, and there was a lot of commentary on the radio about shortage of supply in rental accommodation; even talk of people living in tents. I didn’t really get full across it … but something to do with legislation taking a long time to release land or planning approvals taking a long time, so bureaucracy essentially. I just wondered if any of this shortage of supply means your Buyers Agents were looking a little more closely at Tasmania, certainly on Hobart … I’m not sure whether somewhere like Launceston comes into that. But yeah, really interested in your take on what’s going on in Tasmania at the moment, especially people looking to make an investment entry sub- $500,000 as places like Melbourne and Syd make that harder to achieve. Interested on your opinion. Thanks very much!


P.S. The webinar we mention:

Webinar: Property Hotspots & How To Find Them: CLICK HERE to Watch


149 | Money Tips to Survive this Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like…… Spending!

That’s right, folks. Christmas is just around the corner, and let’s face it: it’s an expensive time of the year for all of us.

So we thought we’d share some money management tips so you avoid filling the stocking with all your hard earned cash. We’ve also taken apart the latest CBA Report, which explains some alarming spending habits that you and a whole lot of Australian’s are doing in December.

Plus, we’ve got a ripper SURPRISE FOR OUR 150TH EPISODE next week. Yep — not only is The Stig opening, closing and Life Hack-ing the show (thanks to your Movember donations, woot woot) — but also, we have a SERIOUSLY EXCITING GUEST ON!!! It’s someone we’ve been trying to get on for a loooooong time.

Want to find out who it is?

You’ll find out in today’s episode!!! (After all, we’re in the festive spirit.)


*****Also, stay tuned to the end and you’ll bear witness to Ben’s truly ridiculous Did You Know?*****


So, what are we on about today?



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050 | Q&A – Credit card management, professional fees, LOC for negative cash flows, adding value via reno and interest only loans

Only a couple more weeks left to our Summer Series. This week, Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley will be answering the questions below from our fellow listeners. Thanks again for submitting your questions!

  • Credit card management question from Peter on Facebook: Loved reading the book. Quick question, in your Money Smarts section (Chapter 3 of the book) you discuss using your credit card for fixed expenditure. Does that include groceries…assuming groceries doesn’t come under lifestyle? That seems to provide a variable – do you think that is still best? I want to adopt your setup but worry about using a credit card, considering we don’t have one currently. Thoughts?
  • Professional Fees questions from Andrew : Hey guys, thanks for all the valuable information so far. I have a question in regard to the fees and cost of the property portfolio and buyers agent services. I am a first time investor with limited funds for my purchase, and I am trying to get an idea whether or not I could
    • a) even afford the above services and
    • b) whether those funds would be better spent contributing to a larger deposit? Can buyers with smaller budgets (sub $400k) still maximise capital growth and rental yield using qualified property advisers and investment savvy buyers agents? Cheers.
  • Question on line of credit from Christian: Hi Ben, what are your thoughts on using equity and/or a line of credit to fund the negative cash flow on high growth properties?
    I know that some other high profile companies are advocates of this strategy. Your thoughts? Would love to hear your thoughts in podcast.
  • Value add question from Heath: Hi guys, love the show and I am currently up to the Buyer’s decision quadrant in the book and really enjoying it. My question to you is:
    I have a recently renovated investment property in Brisbane that is a 3x2x2. We have built in a 4th bedroom downstairs in the existing utility room (legal height, ventilation, windows and power supply etc.) Currently I am speaking to a few building certifiers and engineers etc. to assess whether or not I can get the 4th bedroom certified through council. It’s looking like the certification will cost me around 5k and the difference between the median for 3 & 4 bedrooms in the area is around 60K. Would you think moving forward with this would be feasible? And if so when issued the certificate through the Brisbane council is this something that I would submit to the valuator when they would be doing the inspection?
  • Repayment question from Joe: I actually just finished reading your book about 30 min ago and I have to say I really enjoyed it. In particular chapter 9 and 10 (investment strategies and the case studies). I found it very easy to follow and understand though I do admit I learn a lot of the terms and phrases from the podcasts. I do have a couple of questions though.
    • I noticed that in the case studies the loans were always interest only which is fine and I understand why it’s like that, but is it possible to have Interest only repayments over the course of the entire loan? Surely at some point the bank wants principal paid back.
    • This leads me to my second question, during your case studies do you factor in the fees of your service as this would have a noticeable  impact on the overall purchasing power of the buyer?


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041 | The Moving Parts of Cash Flow Management (Money & Wealth Accumulation Model)

Money & Wealth Accummulation Model - FinalThis week on The Property Couch, Bryce and Ben discuss the moving parts of a cash flow management strategy.

As compared to Episode 3 (Four Pillars of Mastery – Cash Flow Management) where we talked about the flow of money, this episode is mainly about the Money and Wealth Accumulation Model. It includes the variables and assumptions to consider when modelling sophisticated wealth outcomes.

As this topic can be fairly detailed, we strongly recommend you have the diagram open while listening to this episode.

We will also be answering this question from Bradden:

You often refer to paying down debt during your talks as a means of creating passive income. Is there a strategy of paying down debt on your rental properties? Is it just as simple as paying P&I? Do you only start paying down debt once you have finished your accumulation phase? Does this only happen when you start to sell one of your properties? I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on paying down debt. P.S. Ben’s not a bad bloke for a Collingwood supporter.

This topic is also discussed in Part Three (Section 10) of our book The Armchair Guide to Property Investing. For those who have the book, you can also refer to page 219 for additional reference.

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