Episode 016 (Part 1) | 5 Essential Steps to Property Investing in Australia

Ep 16 The Property Couch -  5 Essential Steps to Property Investing in AustraliaIn this episode of The Property Couch, our hosts think it is unfortunate that money management and smart investment planing are not part of the curricular in Australia’s school system. Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley re-emphasize the importance of understanding the fundamentals of money management and Property Investment. For those who have just stumbled on this property investing podcast, we strongly recommend you to check out our previous episodes especially the Four Pillars of Mastery series  because that’s where we discuss about the basics of this type of investment. In this episode, Bryce and Ben extend from that series and explains the Five Essential Steps to Property Investing in Australia.

All professionals need a process to follow and for Property Investors, in our view, this is the process to follow. Start listening the podcast to see how you can apply this process to build your own property portfolio.

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