015 | Case study: Property Investing in Australia

The Property Couch ep 15 Real Life Property Investing in Australia Case Study

While we’ve been sharing tons of wisdom with you over the past few weeks… 

Today we’re putting knowledge into practice with the podcast’s first case study from Aaron, a valued listener of The Property Couch!  


Aaron asks:  

“Why do some apartments that seem to tick all the boxes just don’t appreciate in price over time? 🤔 

This block at Brunswick is close to the public transport, schools, cafes and lifestyle but based on the comparable sales, the apartments have only achieved very little, if any, price gain since 2010.  

Your podcast has been saying “Location First, Property Next”, but I’m confused with this property.  

Why is this place so cheap? If it’s because of the property itself, does it mean the location is not always the biggest factor?  

And finally, should investors seriously consider properties like this or stay clear?” 


We’re unpacking each question and running through the 3 crucial filters you need to be applying to every property… 

This includes explaining how this property might appear to tick all the boxes, but why it’s actually scoring none!  If you are interested in investing in apartments, check out Episode 7 as well where we talked about investing in One Bedroom and Studio Apartments.

We’ll also be sharing who the #1 person you must impress as a property investor is, and what shine over size means!  

So strap in folks, we’re doing a deep dive into this multi-layered question!   


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  • Top 10 Suburbs in Sydney in 2003 and what happened to them in 2007?
  • Watch Ben’s ABC News 24 – Property Bubble in Sydney and Melbourne? Interview
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Here’s some of the gold we cover…

  • 2:15 – The Question  
  • 4:50 – Developers try to sell you on THIS!   
  • 6:20 – How they price these assets   
  • 8:10 – The 3 filters you should apply to investment grade properties  
  • 8:40 – This was the biggest downfall! 
  • 10:51 – What we mean by shine over size  
  • 13:18 – How Aussie culture can affect property growth 
  • 14:50 – “Why is the property so cheap?”  
  • 15:40 – What does Acceptance of Density mean??  
  • 17:04 – How to determine if it has Owner-Occupier Appeal?  
  • 18:07 – The #1 person you must impress as a property investor!  
  • 19:10 – Ben’s “Mainstream Music Appeal” analogy  
  • 20:20 – Why we prefer ____ over ____ properties!  
  • 22:10 – This is why you should invest in a Buyers Agent  
  • 23:58 – Data from across the total market… 
  • 26:00 – Check out Ben’s interview on ABC!  



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