479 | Behind the Highlights Reel: 2024 Summer Series Takeaways


To wrap up another fantastic Summer Series and celebrate the peaks and valleys of each investor’s property investing journey, we’re bringing you our ultimate 2024 recap. 🎉  

From our favourite guest quotes to the key action points from each story, we’re sharing our insights and reflections on each investor’s path to achieving their financial freedom and personal growth.  

Tune in now to hear the best of our Summer Series and how you can use their experiences to bolster your property investing success this year!   

Again, a huge thank you to Ethan, Amy, Leisa, Bailey, Jasmin, James, Emer and Amanda for sharing your inspirational stories with our community. 👏🙌    


P.S. It’s our birthday month! As a present to our awesome community, we’re sharing how to access our in-demand Property Suburb Report for free. Stick around to the end to hear how 😊   


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  • 0:00 – Behind the Highlights Reel: 2024 Summer Series Takeaways
  • 1:46 – A moment to honour Michael Pope ❤️ 
  • 5:25 – Share your story today! >> 
  • 6:33 – Can you help us reach 100K subscribers?  
  • 8:33 – A free birthday gift…  
  • 11:21 – A listener’s review for Ep 478  
  • 13:49 – Mindset Minute: “Risk is the price you pay for opportunity”  
  • 18:12 Ep 471: Ethan  
  • 21:18 – Folks, take the time to do THIS!  
  • 24:58 – Ep 472: Amy 
  • 27:40 – The Power of Time 
  • 30:03 – Ep 473: Leisa
  • 33:31 – Relationships fail… 
  • 36:22 – Michelle, thank you for your feedback!  
  • 40:00 Ep 474: Bailey
  • 42:32 “This made me realise how hard property investing is”  
  • 45:45 Ep 475: Jasmin 
  • 49:31 – Ep 476: James  
  • 51:19 – Invest in the S&Me 500 
  • 54:57 Ep 477: Emer  
  • 56:15 – Why specialised knowledge is critical!  
  • 58:58 – Ep 478: Amanda  
  • 59:29 – Financial Abuse and Gender Disparity is sadly too common  
  • 1:07:30 – Top Takeaways from our 2024 Summer Series   


  • 1:11:17 Lifehack: Love avocados? Here’s how to make sure you get ripe avocados every time.  
  • 1:13:05  WMPN: Let’s do the numbers with the Gov’s new tax cut   
  • 1:30:23 – It’s our birthday present to you: Get our free Property Suburb Report!  
  • 1:32:42 –  A monumental Moorr milestone: Our Historical Tracking tool is LIVE!  


478 | What Happens When Money is Used to Control: How She Escaped It & Overcame Scarcity & Gender Wealth Inequality – Chat with Amanda


For our final episode in our 2024 Summer Series, we’re welcoming Amanda, an extraordinary guest who is not only a TPC listener but also an empowering qualified property investment advisor at Ben’s advisory!   

Today, she’s sharing an incredibly eye-opening and gut-wrenching story…  

Amanda grew up in an environment where…

“Money was frequently used as one of the tools on the coercive control toolbelt by my dad… There was also financial inequity between the males and females in my family growing up.”   

From battling psychological, physical and financial abuse to rebuilding her family’s life from scratch after a life-changing epiphany, we’re unpacking a tale that demonstrates Amanda’s strength and determination at every turn.   

But this story isn’t just about Amanda.   

We also get to celebrate how her inspirational supermum escapes from this abusive relationship and takes control of her future – also using property as a vehicle! 🙌🙌🙌      

This episode explores the scars that are left from financial abuse, the determination and bravery it takes to start again, and the financial disparity (be it finances, property investing or superannuation) that still exists between men and women.  


It’s a truly impactful and heartwarming story – we’re finishing our 2024 Summer Series with a guest we’re so proud to have on the couch and in our team.  


Free Stuff Mentioned

Helpful Resources

This week’s episode explores serious financial issues. For those looking for assistance or support, especially in dealing with financial abuse, you are not alone. Below, you’ll find a collection of helpful resources and links. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for support.  

  • 1800RESPECT is a 24-hour national sexual assault, family and domestic violence counselling line for any Australian who has experienced or is at risk of these occurring. Learn more about what financial abuse looks like on their webpage or YouTube 
  • Facing financial abuse? Equip yourself with 1800’s financial abuse support toolkit.  
  • Financial counsellors can be contacted via 1800RESPECT or the national debt helpline on 1800 007 007. You can also visit the National Debt Helpline’s webpage.   
  • The Centre for Women’s Economic Safety offers a supportive space for individuals seeking guidance on financial matters. You have the option to schedule an appointment through their Money Clinic online, or you can call them at 1800 730 031. (Please note – they do not provide direct financial assistance.)  
  • Each state and territory has police specifically dedicated to supporting family and domestic violence. Often called Domestic Violence Liaison Officers (usually women), those facing financial abuse can ask to speak with one at a nearby police station.  



  • 0:00 – What Happens When Money is Used to Control: How She Escaped It & Overcame Scarcity & Gender Wealth Inequality   
  • 1:26 – Welcome Amanada!  
  • 1:59 – Living with financial abuse 🙁  
  • 4:36 – “Our psychological, physical and financial safety were shifting plates beneath us” 
  • 6:26 – What was it like living with financial gender disparity?  
  • 8:30 – First jobs and sent away to boarding school 
  • 12:15 – Growing up with a parent who was narcissistic…  
  • 14:36 How she used these experiences to positively shape her life.  
  • 16:00 – Cutting contact & finding courage at her wedding  
  • 17:32 – Ben’s family faced financial abuse too. Here’s his story.  
  • 20:51 – Amanda’s mum used property to change her financial future 🙌🙌🙌  
  • 22:42 – From the grieving period to re-building confidence  
  • 29:32 – Amanda’s first big rock in the jar!   
  • 30:37 – Managing money as a couple & love languages  
  • 32:34 – The solvent money management system they used to save   
  • 33:54 – “We jumped onto the property ladder on an oily rag”  
  • 36:50 – Raising Kids & Renovating: Why did they decide to stay?  
  • 41:23 – The 10-property strategy  
  • 45:00 – Amanda’s epiphany moment and leaving it all behind…  
  • 47:39 – What motivated them to make this life-changing leap? 
  • 49:17 – Finding their dream home!  
  • 51:52 – Future plans & landing the debt plane ✈️ 
  • 53:22 – The transformational career pivot & finding The Property Couch 
  • 57:11 The War on Wage Disparity  
  • 1:02:33 – “I just want to live my life authentically”  
  • 1:04:15 – Folks, you can always pivot.  
  • 1:10:20 – A message to anyone facing coercive control… 
  • 1:16:19 – Amanda, we’re so proud of you!  
  • 1:20:10 – “Where I am right NOW is my FAULT, IF…”  
  • 1:21:14 – Our Mission   
  • 1:22:30 – How can the Moorr platform help with your Lifestyle by Design?  
  • 1:33:20 – Stay tuned! We’ve got historically revolutionary updates in store!  
  • 1:40:50 – Keep sending us your stories! We read every single one of them 🙂  



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