287 | Why buying a Harley derailed Bryce’s property portfolio & the Ten Tips we’d tell our 20-something selves

If we could go back and invest in property all over again, what would we do differently?!

Well, for one, Bryce probably would’ve have bought a Harley Davidson!! (Yep)

Folks, this is exactly the stuff we’re unpacking today – the Top 10 Tips we’d tell our “20-something” year-old selves BEFORE we purchased our first property!

To give you an idea… Ben purchased his first property at 23 & Bryce at 24. So, if we fast forward a couple of decades to where we are now – two of Australia’s leading property experts, each with a multimillion-dollar property portfolio — what would we go back in time and tell ourselves? ‘Cos, let’s be real, it was anything but a “walk in the park” – and we both made some really stupid and regretful decisions to get where we are now! And we’re sharing these, ahh, “rookie errors” with you so you can AVOID them yourself … or — if like us, you didn’t know you were doing the wrong thing – help you course-correct quickly!!

And folks,… we’re NOT proud of how we’ve learnt some of these tips. Sure, some of us have to “learn things the hard way” and, while it’s all “part of our journey”… we really suggest you learn from our “if only we knew this…”!

Almost always, wealth creation (or any success for that matter) comes from modelling those who’ve achieved the results you’re after… but here’s another bonus tip… wealth creation (or any success for that matter) comes much easier when you learn about the mistakes SECOND-HAND 😉

Enjoy the Top 10 Tips — we’re super excited to share these with you, even we feel a bit vulnerable doing it!


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