412 | The Best & Worst Performing Markets Over 30 Years! – Chat With Tim Lawless

With a developing rental crisis, interest rates still rising and an economy unsure if it’ll be pulled into a recession

It’s no surprise that there’s been A LOT of noise around what today’s data means for the future of Australia’s economy and property market.   

To slice through this noise (and bringing our guest streak to 3 weeks) we’ve brought in one of Australia’s biggest data-crunching experts and previous Property Couch guest… 

Please welcome back…

CoreLogic’s Research Division Founder, Tim Lawless!  

As Executive Research Director of CoreLogic, Tim heads up a team of analysts in Australia and New Zealand, reporting on property market conditions and the interplay between economic and demographic forces (phew talk about wide coverage!)   

Tune in to hear his origin story, from growing up in a law-less money household to meeting his wife Helen who turned his financial picture around.  

Fast forward to today where Tim sits at the coal face of Australia’s housing data; he’s breaking down what REALLY happened to housing values in September… 

And why, especially during times like these, it’s important to play the long game (using the last 30 years of housing values as proof!)  

PLUS, we unpack the market winners and losers over this period to highlight some valuable market lessons.  

Listen in now folks to get a true understanding of what the figures really mean! 😲 🤯


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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – A sneak peek of today 😊  
  • 1:34 – Yep…we’re giving you 2 bonuisodes?!  
  • 3:37 – This is how expensive procrastination really is!  
  • 5:56 – Meet Tim Lawless!  
  • 8:30 – Growing up in a law-less money household!  
  • 10:50 – THIS played a crucial role in increasing transparency around property investing!  
  • 12:03 – The best advice Tim ever received ( + life after buying his first property)  
  • 13:02 – So…how did he set up his money management systems??  
  • 13:53  Highlights from Australia’s Housing Values in September  
  • 15:59 – Did the 25-basis points cash hike surprise Tim??  
  • 16:56 – We might find the housing bottom out in…early 2023?!  
  • 18:38 Should we expect a confidence shift in this market cycle??  
  • 20:48 – APRA’s 3% Buffer: Will it be relaxed?  
  • 22:29 “It was an absolute cash grab…”  
  • 24:20 – QLD’s new forecast post the scrapped land tax…  
  • 25:40 The 30-Year Long Game: Why is it important??  
  • 27: 59 – Folks, if you’ve got market anxiety, let this sink in… 
  • 30:01 Comparing House Values Across the Decades: Why did we see these results?  
  • 32:26 – This reflects the strength of our economy… 
  • 34:55 – What we saw in Perth is a reflection of these cycles!  
  • 36:47 – Which markets were the best performing over 30 years?? (The Regional winner might surprise you!)  
  • 38:10 …and the lowest-performing markets! 
  • 40:23 – What degree of effort is put into the research at an SA2, SA3 and SA4 level?  
  • 43:27 – Why measuring home values is a difficult task… 
  • 44:24 – Where are the top #3 SA3 areas?!  
  • 46:48 – The Importance of Scarcity Value 
  • 47:25 – We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again: It’s time in the market, not timing the market!  
  • 50:30 Check out THIS graph (bottom of page 1) summarising growth and volatility over the past 30 years!  
  • 53:29 Houses Vs. Units: Tim’s 5-Year Predictions!  
  • 56:22 – Will regional markets outgrow cities?!  


  • 1:00:09 – Our Key Takeaways 
  • 1:03:10 – How to avoid absorbing negative property noise!  
  • 1:05:38 – We need to allow borrowers to borrow!  
  • 1:06:07 – Want to learn how to beat the banks? Watch this.  
  • 1:07:34 – Bryce & Ben’s Bowling & Bingo Escapades  



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