458 | Are We At The Turning Point? From Slow Growth To A Surge in Listings – Chat with Tim Lawless

Want to know what areas are booming with new listings?   

Or when the market tide will turn?    

Or even, how real estate agents accurately research and predict market trends?  

Well folks, returning to the couch for the FIFTH time (Yep. We seriously can’t get enough of this awesome guest!!) is: CoreLogic’s Research Director, Tim Lawless!  

He is one of Australia’s leading property market analysts and commentators who also heads a team of analysts in Australia and New Zealand. Together with his team, he provides reports on property market conditions and the interplay between economic and demographic forces.  

In this episode, we’ll be unpacking it all, from the economic and market conditions we’re seeing today to the surprising Winter data that was recorded and – of course – what this means for Buyers and Sellers alike as Spring approaches. 

Plus, we make the most of Tim’s super data-charged brain as he reveals the biggest factors impacting the affordability story this spring and the standout markets to watch for.   

A seriously insightful episode for investors heading into the spring buying season. Get prepared and give it a listen now! 😊 


 Give it a listen now or watch the Episode below! 


Free Stuff Mentioned… 

  • Research like a real estate agent! Check out CoreLogic now (Formerly RP Data).  
  • Discover the newest housing market trends this spring in CoreLogic’s August Property Pulse Report.  
  • Want more data-rich insights from Tim Lawless?  Listen to his previous episodes here.  


Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – Welcome back for the 5th time, Tim Lawless!  
  • 2:59 – Inside the Lawless household 
  • 4:47 – The newest CoreLogic report & the market today 
  • 10:38 The Resurgence of Fresh Listings! 
  • 11:49 – Navigating the Rate Hiking Rollercoaster 
  • 12:51 – The sellers’ waiting game  
  • 14:40 – Winter data and the upward trend no one expected 😮 
  • 16:49 – Why Tim thinks housing prices will balance out soon… 
  • 18:53 – Is the Fixed Rate Cliff real?  
  • 19:59 – Are borrowers falling behind on their mortgages?  
  • 21:50 – Stock Levels & Standout Markets! 
  • 24:07 – The Biggest Factors Impacting the Affordability Story  
  • 27:07 APRA is limiting our borrowing power… 
  • 29:04 – Population growth & migration on the housing market 
  • 31:04 Which areas have had the biggest rise in listings?   
  • 34:21 – …And here’s the ones with the lowest listings! (EXPLAINED!)  
  • 35:34 The hotspot drivers you should be looking for     
  • 40:27 – What game are you playing as an investor?  
  • 41:51 – How do Real Estate Agents research & predict the market?  
  • 45:25 The Turning Point: S_n_im_ _t is the key factor!   
  • 49:12 – Spring Season Preview: What Lies Ahead?  


  • 50:40 Thank You Tim + Key Takeaways!  
  • 54:05 Lifehack: How to easily see written transcripts on YouTube  
  • 55:51 What’s Making Property News: 2024 changes to tax brackets – how does it impact you?  


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412 | The Best & Worst Performing Markets Over 30 Years! – Chat With Tim Lawless

With a developing rental crisis, interest rates still rising and an economy unsure if it’ll be pulled into a recession

It’s no surprise that there’s been A LOT of noise around what today’s data means for the future of Australia’s economy and property market.   

To slice through this noise (and bringing our guest streak to 3 weeks) we’ve brought in one of Australia’s biggest data-crunching experts and previous Property Couch guest… 

Please welcome back…

CoreLogic’s Research Division Founder, Tim Lawless!  

As Executive Research Director of CoreLogic, Tim heads up a team of analysts in Australia and New Zealand, reporting on property market conditions and the interplay between economic and demographic forces (phew talk about wide coverage!)   

Tune in to hear his origin story, from growing up in a law-less money household to meeting his wife Helen who turned his financial picture around.  

Fast forward to today where Tim sits at the coal face of Australia’s housing data; he’s breaking down what REALLY happened to housing values in September… 

And why, especially during times like these, it’s important to play the long game (using the last 30 years of housing values as proof!)  

PLUS, we unpack the market winners and losers over this period to highlight some valuable market lessons.  

Listen in now folks to get a true understanding of what the figures really mean! 😲 🤯


Free Stuff Mentioned… 


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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – A sneak peek of today 😊  
  • 1:34 – Yep…we’re giving you 2 bonuisodes?!  
  • 3:37 – This is how expensive procrastination really is!  
  • 5:56 – Meet Tim Lawless!  
  • 8:30 – Growing up in a law-less money household!  
  • 10:50 – THIS played a crucial role in increasing transparency around property investing!  
  • 12:03 – The best advice Tim ever received ( + life after buying his first property)  
  • 13:02 – So…how did he set up his money management systems??  
  • 13:53  Highlights from Australia’s Housing Values in September  
  • 15:59 – Did the 25-basis points cash hike surprise Tim??  
  • 16:56 – We might find the housing bottom out in…early 2023?!  
  • 18:38 Should we expect a confidence shift in this market cycle??  
  • 20:48 – APRA’s 3% Buffer: Will it be relaxed?  
  • 22:29 “It was an absolute cash grab…”  
  • 24:20 – QLD’s new forecast post the scrapped land tax…  
  • 25:40 The 30-Year Long Game: Why is it important??  
  • 27: 59 – Folks, if you’ve got market anxiety, let this sink in… 
  • 30:01 Comparing House Values Across the Decades: Why did we see these results?  
  • 32:26 – This reflects the strength of our economy… 
  • 34:55 – What we saw in Perth is a reflection of these cycles!  
  • 36:47 – Which markets were the best performing over 30 years?? (The Regional winner might surprise you!)  
  • 38:10 …and the lowest-performing markets! 
  • 40:23 – What degree of effort is put into the research at an SA2, SA3 and SA4 level?  
  • 43:27 – Why measuring home values is a difficult task… 
  • 44:24 – Where are the top #3 SA3 areas?!  
  • 46:48 – The Importance of Scarcity Value 
  • 47:25 – We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again: It’s time in the market, not timing the market!  
  • 50:30 Check out THIS graph (bottom of page 1) summarising growth and volatility over the past 30 years!  
  • 53:29 Houses Vs. Units: Tim’s 5-Year Predictions!  
  • 56:22 – Will regional markets outgrow cities?!  


  • 1:00:09 – Our Key Takeaways 
  • 1:03:10 – How to avoid absorbing negative property noise!  
  • 1:05:38 – We need to allow borrowers to borrow!  
  • 1:06:07 – Want to learn how to beat the banks? Watch this.  
  • 1:07:34 – Bryce & Ben’s Bowling & Bingo Escapades  


405 | Why the Great Australian Renter’s Tax is Everyone’s Problem!?

Note: This recording was produced before Queensland’s Land Tax was scrapped.

Folks — full disclosure — today’s episode was NOT originally in the plan.

It is, however, an issue that is so insanely important that we switched things up…

Today you won’t be listening to Bryce & Ben of The Property Couch.

Today you’ll be listening to Bryce interviewing Ben Kingsley as the Chair of the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PICA) on Australia’s greatest renter’s tax ever introduced.

We’re talking about Queensland’s New Land Tax.  

Here’s the deal…we’ll be examining what this means for renters and property owners across Australia, the repercussions yet to come and covering what is at stake for Queensland’s future.   

As Ben says, “there are no winners here.”   

At the heart of today’s show is the issue of government intervention and the rising rents left in its wake…   

We’re breaking down who the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) are and taking a frank look at the unintended consequences that many of its reforms have had over the past decade. 


Strap in folks, this is an important episode that affects us all.   


P.S. And if you find this as disturbing as we do, you can make a positive change.  

The Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) is currently running its 2022 Sentiment Survey which allows everyday folks to have their thoughts heard on issues such as Queensland’s Land Tax.  

By having this data, organisations such as PIPA have the numbers to fight against tax reforms for the everyday mum and dad investors. Click here to fill out the survey now.  


Free Stuff Mentioned… 


Want to work with Bryce & Ben’s Award-Winning Team? 


Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – What’s in store today?  
  • 3:33 – Time is running out! Have your say in PIPA’s 2022 Sentiment Survey now.  
  • 5:02 – It’s more important to START folks  
  • 7:33 – Who is PIPA?  
  • 8:20 – The media’s depiction of Property Investors: Is there any merit?  
  • 11:55 – Who are the 3 types of renters??  
  • 17:04 – THIS is the largest group of renters in Australia… 
  • 17:48 – Our 2 Key Observations (Beware the Struggling Tenant Story!)  
  • 18:10 – Why Gov. Intervention = Rising Rents!!  
  • 21:19 – APRA’s 2017, 2019 & 2021 reforms  
  • 23:09 – And their unintended Consequences!  
  • 25:12 – Folks, rents have just caught up with inflation… 
  • 26:40 – This is a win for the big banks  
  • 28:20 – The Rental Crisis: These have contributed to what we’re seeing today….   
  • 30:47 – Tenancy Reforms: Where has it been introduced already?  
  • 32:51 – Regulations affect the ___ properties the most!  
  • 35:00 – Why Tenancy and Landlord Disputes aren’t what you think… 
  • 37:30 – REIWA’s 2022 Report: What are these regulations really costing? 
  • 40:09 – Ben’s big message to tenants and renters  
  • 41:05 – THIS is what happens if investors hold or fold…  
  • 41:39 – Meanwhile in the ACT: 11% of ACT’s rental stock gone in 6 months?!?  
  • 44:10 – What most folks forget about property investors  
  • 48:15 – In Summary…  
  • 49:08 – Land Tax 101 
  • 54:14 – What is Queensland’s Great Renter’s Tax?? 
  • 57:46 – What does this mean for property owners and renters today?  
  • 1:03:16 – We analysed 102 portfolios… 
  • 1:05:45 – What is at risk for Queensland in the big picture?  
  • 1:09:46 – Why this is EVERYONE’S problem (There are NO winners folks!!)
  • 1:17:50 – What can you do to make a positive change?  


  • 1:20:18 – Are you bringing global or local benefit?   


178 | Q & A : Is that 4th Bedroom Such a Good Idea? APRA’s Affect on Credit Cards & What’s The Secret to a Career in Property Investment?

If you’ve got a question about investing in property, then it’s in your best interests to listen to this episode!

Why? Because it’s our favourite day, folks… Q & A Day! And, not only is today just a couple of days away from the end of Financial Year, but also we’ve got some new, timely SpeakPipe Questions to answer! Which means … 1. It’s probably a bit too late to get your Depreciation Schedule into your accountant, BUT 2. You’re in for a high-powered learning session!

This Q & A is great for folks who…

  • Want to know how APRA’s regulations have impacted your ability to get a loan AND a credit card?
  • Are you seriously interested in getting a career in property investing and want to how to land a job?
  • Aren’t sure what tenants are REALLY looking for in your area, but want to maximise your returns?
  • Thinking about renovating tips, but don’t know if you should add a bedroom or where to put the toilet?
  • Wondering if it’s a good idea to live in your property BEFORE you rent it out?


So if this sounds like you, you better strap your headphones in!


But, as routine has it, before we tell you EXACTLY what the questions are that’ll give you all this invaluable information, we’ve got some housekeeping to get out of the way, like…

Our Melbourne LIVE Podcast has SOLD OUT!!!

We even did a dance about it! WATCH OUR FLOSS DANCE!

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Remember to leave us your SpeakPipe Questions.


Question about Ideal Rooms and Features of Investment Properties from Joel:

Hey Bryce, Ben and Stiggy. My name’s Joel, from Adelaide. The question I’d like to ask is what kind of rooms and features do Australia’s want in the rental market at the moment? The property I’m looking at the moment is a 3BDR, open living area & a large home entertainment, or cinema, room. Now, looking at the plans, I’d probably convert that room to a bedroom, add some wardrobes, because it’s quite large, but I don’t know what other Australians would want. So I’d live there for a couple of years before renting it out, but I don’t know what Australian’s would prefer another bedroom, or that extra room for activities and stuff like that? Any input would be great, thanks!

Have a Similar Question? These Episodes will also help:


Question about Bank Assessment of Loans from Matt:

Hey guys, Matt from Canberra … via sunny London here! First up I can tell you our architecture and Land Tax in Canberra is just to make sure not too many of you and the other Capitals turn off the Hume Highway and discover Australia’s best kept secret. So thanks very much for helping to keep our secret safe there! My question is about the banks and them having to assess us against increasingly restrictive assessment criteria. But do they have to do that when they are looking at non-mortgage lending criteria? The Money SMARTS System works best with a nice, big credit limit with maximum interest free days and there’s sometimes great deals on car loans that are cheaper than the interest savings on our offsets this is often still with APRA regulated providers. But do they only assess you against the lending criteria for the lowest common denominator, essentially, when you’re applying for a mortgage vs non mortgage finance? Do they have to assess you for the same criteria with their other products? Thanks so much guys for everything you do!

Have a Similar Question These Episodes will also help:


Question about getting into a career as a Buyers Agent and Property Investment Advisor from Francis:

I know that this topic has been touched on in the past but I would love to hear Ben and Bryce give a few pointers to people (like myself) wanting to make a career in property investment, Buyers Agents and financial planning. In my case, I have done the REIQ (QLD) registration course but wondering if I need to complete the full license? Also, if I want to help people buy property in every state and territory in Australia, do I need to go and complete that course for each and every state / territory to become registered, or does the buyers agency take on that responsibility? Other than the QPIA course, are there any other ways to learn the industry while still working, so that people can transition into their new career relatively seamlessly? I just thought I would send this to support my recorded message and give a little more context to the question. Thanks again for everything you are doing!

Have a Similar Question These will also help:


P.S. Have you cut a full lap of The Property Couch yet? If not, and you’re too strapped for time, just make sure you MUST WATCH the first 20 episodes. Because they are FOUNDATIONAL episodes.

CLICK HERE to listen to our very first Episode



176 | How to Prioritise Your Property Investment Journey and Still Have a Life — Sydney LIVE Podcast ft. Q & A

If you’re reading this, you’re probably keen on property investing — regardless of whether or not you’re a beginner or a multimillion-dollar property portfolio owner… or somewhere in between.

And chances are you also like to have a life too, right? Because folks, at the end of the day, while hard work’s rewarding and a passive income’s exciting, there are also other factors competing for your time and attention, and — let’s face it — other things you’d prefer to do, like put your feet up (and watch the Pies and the Dockers if you’re us), or simply relax with your loved ones doing what YOU love most.

Realistically folks — if you invest in property the right way from the get-go, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your life. It’s that simple. But it’s not always easy to get this balance right.

So, that’s where today’s VERY SPECIAL episode comes in. Yep, it’s very special because…

  1. It’s OUR LIVE SHOW IN SYDNEY where we answer our Property Couch Tribe’s questions… which just might be very similar to the ones YOU have!
  2. It’s a LIVE GUIDE to help you prioritise your property investment journey AND still have a life!!


Yep. Reclaim market confidence, get through the “messy middle”, cut the noise and let’s get some good ol’ honest advice!


*** Oh, and folks — make sure you tune in till the end for a special announcement from Ben! ***

Back to today’s questions answered at OUR LIVE SYDNEY PODCAST…

Question about Staying the Distance from Louise:

My single biggest challenge with my property investment journey has been keeping the momentum and not getting distracted or bored along the way. Property investing for the long term seems to sometimes move at a glacial speed and it’s easy to get a bit disheartened when you don’t see obvious progress. It’s also easy to let life get in the way and not prioritise my investment journey. I delayed on a purchase by two years (missing out on some great capital growth) because I was distracted by family and work life.


Question about Location and Investing in Cashflow from Yuna:

Ben and Bryce always talk about how location is the key and that most of the time 80% of the lifting is done by location. If my property investing strategy is cashflow rather than capital growth due to my circumstance; how do I apply the location theory to this equation? Or does location come first or my strategy during the suburb research?


Question about Off the Plan and Exit Strategies from Jeremy:

A ‘friend’ (who may or may not be me…) has purchased an off-the-plan, high-density unit, in Brisbane’s middle ring northern suburbs — 10km from the city. The area has a Westfield, a hospital and a bus line, but isn’t within walking distance from any of the new transport infrastructure projects. The build date has been pushed back from 2018 to 2019, because the developer, who was also the property spruiker, had difficulty getting pre-sales. Since that time I (or my friend) have discovered The Property Couch and have listened to as many back episodes as possible. It’s obvious to us that we can pretty much check off every mistake in the book. The spruiker was selling in Sydney with a focus on bling, tax depreciation and yield. The suburb is not investment grade. The property is not investment grade. Lifestyle drivers are not there. Income is lower than the QLD average. And so on. The unit was sold with a vendor discount: “stamp duty paid,” (yes we know…now), so on settlement is likely to be valued significantly less than the purchase price. With the over-supply situation that exists in Brisbane and Brisbane-North’s very low population growth rate (1%), what, if any, exit strategies exist?


LIVE Question about Knowing When to Stop:

How do you know when to stop investing in property? Because it’s pretty addictive!


LIVE Question about The Budget Changes to Tax Depreciation:

This is a bit more of a specific question, around the latest budget changes around tax depreciation. I have 2 properties that were purchased prior to the changes— so I have depreciation reports, and claiming all that’s all good. But I have bought 1 that settled with the changes the latest budget. I’ve heard on various podcasts about being able to claim the cost of plant and equipment as capital gains at the end if you sell, but I don’t understand the connection between these? Do I need a tax depreciation report for a property purchased after the budget last year to know what I owned when I purchased it to at the end when I sell it?


LIVE Question about Spruikers and Not Knowing How What to Do:

I’ve got a friend who is helping people buy property in Brisbane — they’re friends of ours — and they’re Off the Plan stuff, just terrible stuff really, and he works for a company where they deliberately fence people in, cross-collateralise, deliberately put them to their Buyers Agents who are hooked up with developers, and it gets me a bit angry. I can’t do anything about it because I have no credentials — I’m a Tradie — but I’ve been listening to your podcast for a number of years and I do have a lot of knowledge. Do you have any advice for someone who is witnessing these terrible things happening to people that I care about?


P.S. Want us to come to your city? Let us know what state/territory you live!
(We promise not to stalk you)

P.P.S. Want our industry to be regulated so we can get rid of the spruikers and dodgy investment advice? Join PICA  it’s only $5 for 1 Year Membership!




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