Bonusisode: The Art of Investing in Volatile Markets – Chat with Michael Savy

With the turbulent state of today’s markets, it’s no surprise that there’s been a lot of noise around the future of Australia’s market and what it means for investors. 🤯

With many conflicting trends and numbers — and a lack of clarity around the origins of Australia’s inflation — it’s hard to know what remedy is needed from the Reserve Bank of Australia or how to keep successfully investing in such markets.

In Part 2 of this educational series, Ben Kingsley, Managing Director of Empower Wealth and Michael Savy, Partner and Chief Financial Planner of Empower Wealth, break down:

👉 Today’s market data (what do the numbers really mean and what trends are we seeing!)

👉 Michael’s Car Analogy: What do cars, crashes and catching flights have to do with COVID?

👉 What “noise” you should and shouldn’t be listening to, and

👉 How to remain calm (and keep investing) during unpredictable market conditions!


Watch the video now:

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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – Where we left off…
  • 0:54 – The Famous Car Analogy
  • 4:39 – Where did Australia’s inflation come from?
  • 6:51 – Taming Inflation
  • 9:09 – Inflation & Interest Rates
  • 13:28 – Data Dependent: Let’s break down the numbers
  • 17:13 – Market Analysis
  • 22:38 – So…what opportunities are still here today?
  • 24:29 – THIS is what happens when inflation runs away…
  • 25:27 – How to keep investing in volatile markets!!



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