014 | Should you buy during a Boom? (And are we in a Property Bubble now?!)

There’s no denying that Sydney and Melbourne are in a boom right now…But what does that mean for the everyday investor?  

Here’s the deal:  

We’re exploring WHAT you should be considering if you’re thinking of jumping into these heated markets… 

 WHY having the fundamentals of property selection is important during this time… 

And discussing the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority’s (APRA) new changes to lending policies that seriously affect pre-approvals for investors!! 

 In fact, we’re answering if you should even be investing at all during a boom – After all, how do you know the market hasn’t already peaked?  

We’ll also be sharing our strategy for dealing with booming markets! (Check out our episode on buying counter-cyclical as part of this!)   

And remember folks… 

It’s not a bubble, it’s a balloon! 🎈🎈 

You heard it here first!! Now that we’ve verbally trademarked it (Yep, that’s 100% legitimate 😉)…what do we mean?  

Well, you’ll have to tune in to find out!  

All we’re saying for now is that Sydney’s currently in a property balloon…Listen in now!  


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  • Watch Ben’s Commentary on RBA’s release
  • Should you be a Borderless Investor
  • How To Spot A Property Spruiker?
  • Renovation does not equal Riches
  • Top 10 Suburbs in Sydney in 2003 and what happened to them in 2007?


Here’s some of the gold we cover…

  • 2:08 – What you need to remember about the property market  
  • 2:48 – Why Sydney is in a balloon NOT a bubble!  
  • 5:10 – FREE data on Sydney’s top performing areas  
  • 6:25 – Should you buy during a boom?  
  • 7:20 – Why you need to have your property selection fundamentals right!  
  • 8:30 – Our strategy for our clients (& why we’re out of the Sydney market right now!)  
  • 10:30 – The “Common Sense” point of view  
  • 11:13 – A safe strategy for booming markets  
  • 11:53 – What is Compression Risk?  
  • 12:55 – What properties we’re buying in a boom vs. the typical properties we buy  
  • 13:57 – THESE are the times you should buy in!  
  • 15:00 – Why you should consider your Timeframe  
  • 16:58 – Does the Commonwealth Games impact property value?  
  • 18:55 – Are you up to date on APRA’s changes to lender policies?  
  • 20:25 – Our key message!  



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