214 | Fiona Bengtsson – From Near Bankruptcy to 11 Renovations and counting!

Folks, there are some stories that are just meant to be told… and listener Fiona Bengtsson DEFINITELY lives one of these stories!

Here’s the plot line…

Fiona, a teacher by trade, and her husband Andreas, a tradie, had three kids and a small business when things started to go pear-shaped. With their company growing faster than it could fund itself, Fiona and Andrea began feeding their OWN money into the company, hoping the return would pay off. Instead, what happened was this…

They borrowed money to pay off borrowed money. They dug into the gut of their personal finances and entered a debt spiral so out-of-control that Fiona actually stopped sleeping at night. The stress and the embarrassment entered their family home, took up the space in the pantry where the groceries (which they could no longer afford) sat… and the pressure of it all silenced the real conversations between family, friends and, even worse… each other.

Rock bottom was their reality.

BUT — as Fiona is bravely about to share with us — in several years they ended up flipping this debt-spiral on its head, revamped their financial situation and are now ON TOP.

The question is… how on earth did they recover from very-near bankruptcy???


Here’s the gold…


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