275 | 7 Grades of Financial Wellbeing – Which one are you?

Where do you sit on the ladder of financial success?

In this episode, we’re unpacking a brand-new framework that outlines the seven grades of financial wellbeing… so you can self-assess your financial health in a way you’ve never been able to do before!

Here’s the deal, folks… this is new, fresh content. There’s actually nothing out there like this. ‘Cos what we’re about to discuss is the overarching framework of ALL the frameworks we’ve ever gone through over the last five years… and, truth be told, it probably took us from then ‘til now to get really clear on what we’re about to teach today! And to say we’re super excited to share this with you is probably the understatement of the year!

So, it goes something like this…

There’s a GRADING SYSTEM where you can work out exactly where you are on the ladder of financial success… and each grade – or level – has ACTION STEPS, including a “milestone move”, that will move you either up or down this ladder. Obviously, the idea is to move UP a grade and you do this through incremental habits and mindset shifts that will lift you up through each grade… all the way to the “wow” Pinnacle! (This, by the way, is NOT Financial Peace – it’s up there, but it’s actually not the highest tip of the mountain!)

Need an image to grasp this concept? Think of the Karate belts – you start at a white belt and the “best of the best” is the black belt, right? But from white to black there’s a whole bunch of colours in between that show what grade you’re in. And so, just like these karate belts, financial success has a very similar way to reveal where you’re REALLY at. White, Yellow, Orange, Green, etc, etc… Pretty cool, right?

So, essentially, this epic framework is the Yellow Brick Road that paves the way to get to Oz. Or climb out of its opposite if you happen to be stuck in the undesirable grades.

In EACH grade (remember, there’s seven) we’re walking you through…

  • The Headline – the one liner that sums up this grade
  • The Backstory – what gets you to this grade
  • The Big Picture – the main signs of this grade
  • Action Steps – what to do to move up from this grade (and what’ll make you fall down one!)
  • The Feelings – what you’re most likely to feel when you’re here
  • The Milestone Move – the ONE THING that’ll move you up a notch 😉

So… where do you reckon’ you sit? What colour’s your karate belt on financial wellbeing?

Let’s find, out shall we?


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