218 | The Warning Signs of an Economy in Trouble

Folks, while we’d love to bring you GOOD news all the time, unfortunately, some things — like the economy! — are simply out of our hands 🙁

So if you heard from us this morning because you receive our VIP emails (download the free chapter of Make Money Simple Again if want to be a part of our tribe), then you’ll know that the economy in not looking…… ahh…… too crash hot.

Here’s why…

As we’ll soon explain, there’s quite a few reasons why the Australian economy’s underperforming — but here’s the TOP TWO big things we are unpacking to tackle today’s episode…

  1. The Banking Royal Commission’s Final Report (and the unintended consequences some of the 76 recommendations will have)
  2. Governor Lowe and the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)’s latest cash rate and commentary


If you’re not familiar with some of the things we refer to in today’s episode, here’s a rundown of the resources and commentary we refer too…

And the Less-Serious Stuff…


Here are the highlights…




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