RBA Cash Rate October 2022: How To Stop Inflation Psychology!

Overnight Update: This video was filmed & produced before the UK’s mini-budget was scrapped.

Folks, Ben’s RBA Monthly Update doesn’t get much bigger than this… 

The Reserve Bank of Australia has once again lifted interest rates, property market sentiment is shifting fast, and despite all, Australia’s retail spending remains at record high levels.  

Tune in now to find out if we have finally broken the 50 basis point hike rate trend as we slowly rise above a neutral cash rate.

Meanwhile, on the global scene, the United States’ inflation runs rampant, China battles the impacts of COVID on its economy and global growth has sunk even lower. 

This update points to the looming question: Will Australia be pulled into a global recession? 

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Tune in to hear Ben unpack all this plus these key themes:  

  • What does Governor Lowe mean by “Inflation psychology in the community” and as consumers, what can you do to help stop inflation!! 
  • Interest Rates are going up again, but when will the RBA take a pause on the cash rate, and why?  
  • The crucial downside risks & upside opportunities to Australian property values in the short term 


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Plus, Ben also includes his latest news and commentary on…

👉 Currency Crush: The US Dollar vs. The World

👉 The Eurozone is in for a cold winter…

👉 Unpacking the adjusted global economic growth figures

👉 A dip in retail spending: have we reached the peak?

👉 Digging, Growing & Tourism: The Backbones of Australia’s Economy

👉 Australia’s GDP Data for the June Quarter

👉 CoreLogic September Price Movements

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And heaps more!


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And One Final Word…

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