010 | Tax Depreciation

If you were to ask an investor if they wanted to save $149 per week on a property, we can guarantee you that no one would say no… 

BUT that’s exactly what too many folks are doing when they don’t use tax depreciation right! (Check out the case studies at the bottom if you don’t believe this number…)  

Today we’re excited to be discussing this topic with the help of our good friend and first-ever guest to the show: Bradley Beer!  

As the Managing Director of BMT Quantity Surveyors (experts at tax depreciation), Brad explains exactly what tax depreciation is and how and when you can use it!   

Buying a property for its depreciation, however, should NEVER be your main reason for investing!  

Instead, we unpack the important depreciation factors you should be looking at… 

Like why 1985 and 1987 are very important years when it comes to tax depreciation. 

We’ll also be explaining what quantity surveyors do and hearing some true stories from Bryce and Ben!  

So tune in now for the gold on tax depreciation! (Yes, we say tax depreciation way too much in the episode too 😉)  


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    • Brad’s case studies that he has prepared for the podcast can be accessed here! The first is a $600,000 – $700,000 period home with a rental income of $22,880 per annum and the second is a $400,000 – $500,000 older villa with a rental income of $21,060 per annum.
    • Interested in using BMT? Download the BMT Tax Depreciation Application Form here.


Here’s some of the gold we cover…

  • 0:50 – Meet Brad Beer!  
  • 1:26 – What’s the benefit of a tax depreciation schedule? 
  • 2:00 – How Bryce’s friend benefited from one!  
  • 2:45 – Did you know you can get cash back?  
  • 4:00 – What do Quantity Surveyors do?  
  • 4:38 – Ben’s Franking Credit analogy  
  • 6:07 – WHY you should use tax depreciation  
  • 7:30 – This is why education is important!  
  • 8:09 – Why are 1985 and 1987 important dates?!  
  • 9:54 – So when do you get depreciation in a period home  
  • 10:55 – The challenge with depreciation is…   
  • 11:40 – Improving YOUR net yield  
  • 12:40 – The process to determine your tax depreciation!  
  • 14:50 – Renovation and depreciation  
  • 16:00 – The lump sum scrapping approach 
  • 17:49 – Why you shouldn’t do tax depreciation after renovations   
  • 18:20 – Learn from Ben’s story!  
  • 19:40 – WHY it’s worth it to use BMT  
  • 20:15 – Some gold tax depreciation case studies!  



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