458 | Are We At The Turning Point? From Slow Growth To A Surge in Listings – Chat with Tim Lawless

Want to know what areas are booming with new listings?   

Or when the market tide will turn?    

Or even, how real estate agents accurately research and predict market trends?  

Well folks, returning to the couch for the FIFTH time (Yep. We seriously can’t get enough of this awesome guest!!) is: CoreLogic’s Research Director, Tim Lawless!  

He is one of Australia’s leading property market analysts and commentators who also heads a team of analysts in Australia and New Zealand. Together with his team, he provides reports on property market conditions and the interplay between economic and demographic forces.  

In this episode, we’ll be unpacking it all, from the economic and market conditions we’re seeing today to the surprising Winter data that was recorded and – of course – what this means for Buyers and Sellers alike as Spring approaches. 

Plus, we make the most of Tim’s super data-charged brain as he reveals the biggest factors impacting the affordability story this spring and the standout markets to watch for.   

A seriously insightful episode for investors heading into the spring buying season. Get prepared and give it a listen now! 😊 


 Give it a listen now or watch the Episode below! 


Free Stuff Mentioned… 

  • Research like a real estate agent! Check out CoreLogic now (Formerly RP Data).  
  • Discover the newest housing market trends this spring in CoreLogic’s August Property Pulse Report.  
  • Want more data-rich insights from Tim Lawless?  Listen to his previous episodes here.  


Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – Welcome back for the 5th time, Tim Lawless!  
  • 2:59 – Inside the Lawless household 
  • 4:47 – The newest CoreLogic report & the market today 
  • 10:38 The Resurgence of Fresh Listings! 
  • 11:49 – Navigating the Rate Hiking Rollercoaster 
  • 12:51 – The sellers’ waiting game  
  • 14:40 – Winter data and the upward trend no one expected 😮 
  • 16:49 – Why Tim thinks housing prices will balance out soon… 
  • 18:53 – Is the Fixed Rate Cliff real?  
  • 19:59 – Are borrowers falling behind on their mortgages?  
  • 21:50 – Stock Levels & Standout Markets! 
  • 24:07 – The Biggest Factors Impacting the Affordability Story  
  • 27:07 APRA is limiting our borrowing power… 
  • 29:04 – Population growth & migration on the housing market 
  • 31:04 Which areas have had the biggest rise in listings?   
  • 34:21 – …And here’s the ones with the lowest listings! (EXPLAINED!)  
  • 35:34 The hotspot drivers you should be looking for     
  • 40:27 – What game are you playing as an investor?  
  • 41:51 – How do Real Estate Agents research & predict the market?  
  • 45:25 The Turning Point: S_n_im_ _t is the key factor!   
  • 49:12 – Spring Season Preview: What Lies Ahead?  


  • 50:40 Thank You Tim + Key Takeaways!  
  • 54:05 Lifehack: How to easily see written transcripts on YouTube  
  • 55:51 What’s Making Property News: 2024 changes to tax brackets – how does it impact you?  


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