453 | From 20K to a $2M Property Portfolio: How She Used the Migrant Mindset to Start Again – Chat with Mila Holmes

It was just over a month ago now when we sat down with the Judo Boys who initially introduced to us the concept of the migrant mindset… And this week’s Winter Series guest is a living testament to the power of this mindset.  

Meet Mila Holmes, an amazingly disciplined and driven Winter Series guest who, together with her partner, owns a property portfolio worth nearly $2M.  

But growing up….?  

There was one morning when she and her family woke up…

With their entire life savings WIPED. 😱 

Mila shares what it was like to experience this, from growing up living with 10 other people (yep…housing in USSR is VERY different to Australia) and rampant debt levels to how she made the brave, life-changing decision to move to Australia – by herself. 

 We’ll cover TONS of gold from her winning “Scientific Approach” to investing to how she became MoneySMART including aligning partner money personalities and getting a property plan.  

And if this wasn’t enough, we’ll cover how she’s flourished in the last 14 months of rate rises AND has come to own an absolute 70s gem in Surfers Paradise.  


 Give it a listen now or watch the Episode below! 


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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 1:17 – Welcome Mila!  
  • 1:37 – Waking up with their savings completely wiped 🙁  
  • 2:45 – Bad debts and people knocking… 
  • 3:59 The housing story in USSR (10 people in one place?!)  
  • 6:30 – Growing up in St Petersburg 😮  
  • 8:48 – First jobs, university and a divorce…  
  • 10:04 – How Mila came to Australia (by herself!)  
  • 11:48 Money beliefs + impacts of the bank’s collapse  
  • 14:47 – Townsville & transforming her money values  
  • 16:18 – The Commonsense Approach 
  • 17:36 – Merging money personalities: How this power couple did it!  
  • 19:28 – Becoming MoneySMART 😉 
  • 20:52 Strategic advantages from the Migrant Mindset  
  • 23:24 – THIS is why Mila chose to invest in property…  
  • 24:18 – The first property they bought (ahh the memories!)  
  • 26:28 – Getting deployed to Iraq + Engaging the professionals 
  • 27:17 The Scientific Approach to Property Investing 
  • 28:34 – COVID, Children and another property?!?  
  • 30:23 – “It’s not all smooth sailing…”  
  • 31:38 – Like a terrific landlord should! 
  • 34:53 – The 70’s gem they now have in Surfers Paradise  
  • 37:19 – Plan to become what you plan to become… 
  • 38:49 How they can optimise their next chapter!  
  • 43:36 – LVR and moving away from rent-vesting… 
  • 46:05 – How has this power couple navigated the last 14 months?  
  • 51:43 Mila’s advice to listeners out there!  
  • 53:24 – And THIS is why she came onto TPC to share her story! 
  • 54:42 – Thank you Mila – What an amazing story!  


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