434 | “It Is A Minefield”: Unboxing Tax Structures and Myths – Chat with Julia Hartman

One of the most common questions we receive in the world of tax is… 

What name should I put my tax structure in?!?  

 And while it may seem like a simple question on the surface, lurking below is a mix of confusing super contribution laws and tricky tax loopholes that requires the greatest of tax minds to debunk….which is exactly what we’ve got sitting down with us today😉  

Re-joining in the studio (For the FIRST time in 2023 – which we’re BEYOND pumped about!!) is one of the greatest tax experts in Australia, Julia Hartman: Founder of BanTACS, Chief Technical Tax Advisor at Empower Wealth and Tax structure extraordinaire!!   

As Ben says today, tax structures are like stepping onto a minefield, and to help you avoid running into any explosive situations, we’re doing a quickfire round of WWJD: What would Julia do!  

From SMSFs and Super to the 99 to 1% strategy we’re presenting you with the consolidated and ultimate guide to tax structures in 2023!  

PLUS tune in to hear Julia’s novel and niche tax structure strategy which has Ben and Bryce very intrigued….  

Yep. It’s another GIGANTIC episode that has us all giddy (which might have something to do with us all being in the studio again 😉) Listen in now folks!  


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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – The gold that’s coming at you today!  
  • 2:12 – Free resources!! PICA Webinar Replay, Free Suburb reports, and more… 
  • 5:03 – Watch this episode! 😮  
  • 6:03 – Mindset Minute: FOMO and… sheep?!? 🐑🐑🐑 
  • 8:17 Welcome back, tax expert Julia Hartman!  
  • 9:06 – The Myths of Asset Protection  
  • 13:24 – Top Trends in Tax structures  
  • 16:40 Your complete guide to tax structures (The Big Pros + Cons!)  
  • 18:49 – Scenario 1: “I want to put this property in my company name!”  
  • 21:38 – Folks, here are the biggest considerations.  
  • 25:11– Scenario 2: “Is it a good idea to purchase a new company premise in my company name?”  
  • 27:30 Scenario 3: SMSFs  
  • 30:57 – “It is a minefield…”  
  • 34:46 – The alternatives, risks & big benefits.  
  • 40:41 – Scenario 5:I want to put into a trust!” 
  • 44:33 – Scenario 6: What if I’m an Income Earner or Business?  
  • 47:07 – Are Hybrid Trusts too good to be true?  
  • 55:04 – Ownership Types & Ratios: Joint Tenants Vs. Tenants In Common   
  • 58:11 – The 99-1% trend: Is it still the best strategy today?  
  • 1:03:24 – Can you contribute it to a Super fund?  
  • 1:04:44 – The Fed Budget, Wages, Interest Rates & Super: The future according to Ben 
  • 1:07:29 – The Mortgage Trust: A No-way or Niche idea?!  
  • 1:11:11 – It boils down to C_m_le_I_y vs. R_s_!  



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