428 | What is your WealthSPEED?

Why do folks struggle with good money management?   

It’s a huge question. Now here’s an even bigger one… 

How can they overcome it?!   

Yep. We’re kicking off February with some pretty big and bold content!

With many new year’s resolutions fading into the background of life as January comes to an end, we’re aiming to give you an extra boost of motivation by diving into the 3 biggest causes of bad money management (do you fall into any of these?) and revealing how to tackle and triumph these challenges in 2023!  

And since this podcast is all about giving you the insider’s guide to property and money management, we’ve got 3 special gifts from our Moorr money management platform to help you do just that…

Introducing the WealthSPEED, WealthCLOCK and WealthTRACKER.   

Tune in now to find out how these next-generation financial tools will transform the way you view and control your money and let us know your answer to today’s questions…

What is your WealthSPEED??  

(Leave your answer on our socials or send us a message 😉!) 


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  • Learn more about WealthSPEED, WealthCLOCK & WealthTRACKER here >> 
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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – Welcome back 😊  
  • 1:14 – Wow, what a series! (+ what’s in store next week…)  
  • 3:59 – February is the perfect space for this. 
  • 5:25 –🚨 Your internal trigger is a powerful thing folks! 🚨  
  • 14:24 – The 3 things you’ll discover in this episode  
  • 18:12 Why most households are challenged by good money management (Reason #1)
  • 22:22 – Reason #2 – This goes back to what Ben says EVERY episode!! 
  • 25:54 – So, why don’t we learn this at school?!  
  • 30:03 – Reason #3 (aka. The biggest reason why people don’t achieve financial peace)  
  • 33:16 – Subjectivity is where the danger lives folks!  
  • 36:03 – …and THIS is what you gain!  
  • 38:37 – The money management system we started with and still believe in!  
  • 40:22 WealthSPEED: Your Speedometer 
  • 41:45 – This is your Wealth Creation Car 🚗  
  • 44:28 – Why this is the ONLY financial metric you’ll ever need  
  • 46:51 – How it all began… 
  • 50:01 – WealthCLOCK: Your Odometer 
  • 51:22 – WealthTRACKER: Your GPS  
  • 53:19 – If you are like THIS, then these tools were made for you!!!  
  • 54:04 – How these tools help you SMASH bad money management!  
  • 59:04 – These are the kind of people we’re coming after!  
  • 59:52 – For our clients who’ve got a plan… 
  • 1:02:12 – We want to make money management as simple as possible so check out these resources too!  
  • 1:08:14 – Google Flights: Is it worth the hype? 


Discover your WealthSPEED today! Check out the Moorr web platform, or download the app on Apple and Android.  



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