How to Manage your Money in 10 Minutes a Month (On Parenthood Podcast) Part 2

In this week’s bonus episode, we’re back with Part 2 of Bryce’s appearance on the Parenthood Podcast featuring its Founder and Host, Leonie Akhidenor. 

Continuing last week’s theme, Bryce and Leonie are unpacking how new parents can get onto the property ladder despite today’s high-interest rates and heated property market.

They’ll be exploring Bryce’s fail-proof money management system, deep diving into how folks can use this to manage their money in 10 minutes a month and unpacking the options investors have once they’ve trapped this surplus.  

A super insightful episode that reveals how new investors can afford home ownership. faster. Tune in now!  


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  • 0:00 – How to Manage your Money in 10 Minutes a Month  
  • 1:12 – How to save for your new family home  
  • 2:06 – Bryce’s fail-proof money saving system  
  • 7:42 – It’s a simple philosophy folks! 
  • 8:40 – How to manage your money in 10 minutes a month 
  • 12:13 – Ideas to get onto the property ladder… 
  • 13:32 – Using rentvesting to afford your dream lifestyle  
  • 14:34 – The pros & cons of Rentvesting  
  • 17:07 – Bryce always recommends doing THIS to avoid giving away money  
  • 18:01 – What to do once you’ve trapped surplus…   
  • 19:07 – Warren Buffet isn’t the best investor. Here’s what he does have.  
  • 21:17 – Here’s a quick win to save more on your mortgage.  

53 | The Money SMARTS System

By now, our listeners should understand the importance of good money management habits. It is the core of building a successful property investment portfolio and has been reiterated multiples times throughout this podcast.

Since episode 3, as part of the Four Pillars of Mastery, Bryce and Ben have talked in various occasions about Cash Flow Management and the flow of money in your household. This includes where money comes from, types of spending and types of investments for your surplus. In episode 41, they talked about the moving parts of cash flow management otherwise known as the money and accumulation model. This model looks at variables and assumptions to consider when you’re modelling sophisticated money and wealth outcomes.

Ep 53 Money SMARTS system - which account do I use - picOn page 58 of the Armchair Guide to Property Investing, they introduced the money SMARTS system. It’s a money management system and the name stands for Surplus, Mindset, Application, Resources, Timelines and Strategy. The book provided an overall summary of each section and also some tips on how you can set up this account structure yourself. But we’ve received some feedback that our readers would like us to explain this little bit more so that is exactly what Bryce and Ben have done in this podcast.

As an extension of the money SMARTS system, we are also sharing a “cheat sheet” on which account to use for different types of expenses. Just fill in your details below and we’ll send you the link to download it.




NEW Update:

Since this episode was produced, we’ve published a Free Online Platform and a Book (now a best seller) to help our community implement Money SMARTS better. If you’re interested, simply fill in the form below to create a free account and download a free e-copy of the book!

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