Where are all the property investors going? (On REAL Talk Podcast) – August ’23

We’ve all heard the misconceptions about property investors – how they’re often painted as greedy landlords who love raising rents and spend their time swimming in a mountain of cash.

In this bonus episode – originally recorded for the Real Talk podcast (aka the realestate.com.au podcast) – we debunk some of the popular myths around property investment!

Hosted by Alice Piper, this episode features our very own Bryce Holdaway, as well as senior PropTrack economist Paul Ryan.

Before joining REA in late 2020, Paul spent a decade at the Reserve Bank of Australia conducting research on the Australian economy, focusing on housing markets, lending risks and regulatory effects on property markets.

He has also been featured on Episode 459 of our podcast, where we chat about how to solve Australia’s growing demand for property!



  • 0:00 – REAL Talk – Where are all the Property Investors going?
  • 00:58 – Data shows investors are offloading their properties at a loss 😮
  • 01:10 – Listen to what some Aussies feel about the state of the rental market
  • 02:26 – This is what the actual Aussie landlord looks like…
  • 04:11 – The main reasons people invest in property
  • 05:22 – Will the number of investors drop even further?
  • 07:44 – The big run up over a decade that has taken the confidence out of the market
  • 08:38 – The Queensland land tax example
  • 09:30 – Bryce gets REAL about some of the pitfalls of property investment!
  • 10:49 – Capital growth & high rental yields
  • 12:39 – Government incentives to invest in property
  • 13:50 – Why is negative gearing such a touchy subject?
  • 18:51 – Lean in!
  • 23:14 – Great advice for those looking at investing in the current market!!
  • 24:41 – We’re all playing different money “games”
  • 25:56 – The silver lining for investors at the moment




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