UNpacked: How to Retire on $2k per Week


Do you know what the number one trap is when it comes to money?

We’re not all playing the same game!

What does this mean?


In their 20+ years in the industry, Bryce & Ben often come across a common theme which is… “My friend/family invested in property via that strategy/location and was really successful, so I decided to do the same thing.

We might all have the same destination but bear in mind that how we get to this destination is different for everyone!

In this mini bonus episode, Bryce & Ben discuss our brand-new course “Unpacked: How to Retire on $2k per Week!

(More details on www.thepropertycouch.com.au/casestudy)


When it comes to our bestselling 2016 book The Armchair Guide to Property Investing, it is the case study chapter that often received the most feedback. Our readers love it!! The analysis, tables and charts have always been a popular hit. BUT one thing that they often requested for is…

The nitty gritty behind the modelling.


After all, there’s only so much you can see from table and charts on black and white printed paper.

And so, in a typical TPC fashion, we’ve taken their feedback to heart and are proud to announce that after months of work, our brand-new online course is now ready!!

This course discusses seven different scenarios (the book only covers six, but we threw in a bonus one for this course!), and how you can plan for a comfortable retirement no matter which “game” you are playing!

Each case study is around the 40-minute mark and covers more than what you can get from the book. And the best bit is… we’ve updated the variables and assumptions in the book to reflect current times!

Find out how everyday Aussies like yourself make $2,000 per week in passive income, whether you are:

  • A Rentvestor (Renter looking to invest in property)
  • DINKS (Double Income No Kids)
  • A Couple with Young Kids
  • An Older Couple with Older Kids
  • Empty Nesters
  • A Single Parent
  • (BONUS!) A Single Millennial with a Thirst for Travel

For only a few more days, this course will be available at a heavily reduced launch price of $97! After this, the price will go up, so you don’t want to miss out!

Get your hands on our brand new online course today at www.thepropertycouch.com.au/casestudy





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