Why Investors are Needed to Solve the Affordability Crisis – Bonus Episode with Matt from Aussie Firebug May ’23

In May, we had the privilege of being featured on the highly regarded Aussie Fire Bug podcast. We delved into the origins of property acquisition, discussing the humble beginnings that led us on our respective journeys. Additionally, we explored the pressing issue of the Australian housing crisis, dissecting the multifaceted implications and exploring potential solutions.  

These are the key themes we unpack: 

  • How Ben and I originally made a connection  
  • Property investing guidelines and regulations  
  • We dive deep into our investing strategy/philosophy 
  • The Australian Housing and rental crisis  
  • Active property investing vs passive share market investing  
  • Are property investors adding to affordability issues or are they being used as political scapegoats?  
  • How The Property Couch podcast got started  

We extend our gratitude to the Aussie Fire Bug podcast for providing us with a platform to share our insights and engage in meaningful discussions. We hope to continue to inspire and empower our community in pursuit of financial literacy and success.  

Don’t miss this awesome bonus episode folks!  

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