iTunes Top 200 Episode Ranking

Here are the 19 episodes ranking on iTunes’ Top 200 Episodes in the Business Category!
We’re not quite sure how iTunes algorithm works but looks like these are Australians’ favourites. A bit disappointed that Episode 1 is not ranking higher up, but let us know what’s your favorite episode so far!


Rank 3: Episode 186 | Q & A – Should You Pay Down the Principle Loan When Interest Rates are Low? Are Multiple Offset Accounts a Good Idea? PLUS The Step-by-Step Process to Buy an Investment Property!

Rank 11: Episode 185 | Will your Generation achieve “The Great Australian Dream”? — The Future of Australia’s Population, Retirement Expectations, And Other Things You Thought Were True – Chat with Mark McCrindle

Rank 22: Episode 184 | Five Property Investment Rules You Should NOT Ignore Today

Rank 43: Episode 004 | Four Pillars of Mastery – Borrowing Power

Rank 54: Episode 001 | We Fix Bad Property Investment Advice

Rank 60: Episode 003 | Four Pillars of Mastery – Cash Flow Management

Rank 66: Episode 182 | Everything You Need To Know About How To Value Your Property – Chat with Greville Pabst

Rank 70: Episode 002 | Regulation vs Education

Rank 77: Episode 005 | Four Pillars of Mastery – Asset Selection

Rank 104: Episode 183 | Is a Granny Flat a Good Strategy? Chat with Paul Glossop

Rank 113: Episode 007 | Studio or One Bedroom Apartment as an Investment Property

Rank 114: Episode 010 | Tax Depreciation

Rank 127: Episode 006 | Four Pillars of Mastery – Defence

Rank 140: Episode 009 | Buying Counter Cyclical

Rank 151: Episode 181 | Tips from Three Birds Renovations on How to Create the Perfect Renovation, Survive it, and See a Return on Investment!

Rank 156: Episode 008 | Investment Stock vs. Investment Grade

Rank 157: Episode 013 | Questions and Answers

Rank 158: Episode 012 | Why Invest in Property?

Rank 159: Episode 015 | Real Life Property Investing in Australia : Case Study


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