441 | Why Great Investors Don’t Need to be Champions

Investing can be a daunting task, as it requires making definitive decisions in an uncertain and ever-changing market.  

Many people fall prey to the sirens that lure them towards investment traps, but today’s guest Michael Kemp, the author of the Ulysses Contract, has spent 35 years mastering the art of investing and avoiding these traps.  

He emphasizes the importance of staying focused on your investment goals and using history, diversification, and patience as your guide towards financial success. Great investors don’t necessarily need to be champions, but they do need to apply skill to generate market-beating returns.  

He also believes that investing is more about farms than casinos, highlighting the importance of long-term thinking and disciplined execution.  

We sat down on the couch with Michael and explored some key insights; 

  • The investment sirens to watch out for… 
  • Why Great Investors Don’t Need to be Champions 
  • How to generate market beating-returns through the application of skill  
  • How to create your own watertight plan to pursue your own form of investment success and financial freedom!  
  • Why investing is about farms, not casinos?  

Tune in to the discussion to gain valuable insights and take your investment game to the next level. You can also watch the episode below.

Other Stuff Mentioned… 

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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 00:00 – All the awesome stuff we’re covering today! 
  • 02:53 – What’s the new feature in the Moorr Mobile Platform??
  • 04:15 – Shout out for our upcoming Winter Series.. We would love to hear from you. Register your interest here >> Winter Series
  • 07:55 – Mindset Minute…. To invest successfully over time does not require……???
  • 10:40 – Let’s welcome today’s guest…. Michael Kemp  
  • 13:45 – What?? A colouring competition led to a bike??
  • 20:00 – From Dentistry to Corporate Finance
  • 22:58 – Retirement? What retirement?
  • 23:52 – Michael’s philosophy…. The 3 F’s; Friends, Family and???
  • 28:33 – The importance of exploring the experiences of people that came before you…
  • 31:00 – How do you help your kids without feeding them a sense of entitlement?
  • 31:52 – Is it discipline or is it patience??
  • 33:30 – The mindset of self-discovery
  • 35:30 – Where did the Ulysses Contract get its name??
  • 37:08 – Songs, Sirens and Bells!!
  • 37:40 – How do you stay on the journey?
  • 38:00 – What are the TEMPTATIONS??
  • 38:43 – Kicking through a sieve of logic…
  • 39:30 – Which one is most important???
  • 41:33 – Why would you make that contract for yourself?
  • 47:40 – Why would you look for narratives over statistics??
  • 51:15 – Great investors don’t need to be champions….
  • 53:20 – The skill it takes to beat the market!!
  • 56:30 – The epiphany that took 35 years!!
  • 56:55 – What are THE SIRENS?
  • 58:50 – Integrity and ???..
  • 1:00:50 – Reversion to the what??
  • 1:02:10 – How to look at the horizon
  • 1:12:00 – Huh??? Treat our investments like farms and not casinos??
  • 1:13:50 – WHAT IS THE CONTRACT??
  • 1:19:10 – The wisdom that comes when the market starts misbehaving.
  • 1:19:50 – When the storm ACTUALLY brings CALM

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