439 | HELP! What To Do When You’ve Got No Buffer Left…

With Australia’s 11-month interest rate hike finally at an end, we’re sure many are feeling the strain from larger debts, lower cashflows, and heavily hit buffers. That’s why the theme of today’s Jam-packed Q&A Day is all about… 

Bouncing back!   

Yep. In today’s episode, we’re covering exactly how to reposition and recover when interest rates have nearly wiped out your entire buffer! 

From making your reduced “rainy day” money last to Ben’s Golden Buffer Ratio (plus a behind-the-scenes look at how our experienced team of planners do it), we’re sharing how to bunker down and hold for the long-term as the market bottoms out (which we reckon is happening NOW!) 

And of course, like all gigantic Q&A Days, we’re not just unpacking how to bounce back from tough economic conditions but deep diving into how folks can rebound and empower themselves from… 

Dodgy Buyers Agents: What to do once the papers have been signed, the dust has settled and then…you realise your Real Estate agent was the property owner!?!   

 (And if that isn’t heartbreaking enough…this investor saved for 10 years to afford this deposit 🙁) 

Dealing with Divorce Settlement: Three investment properties and a Principal Place of Residence together?! What is the best path forward for Michael???  

 Plus, we answer: How much taxation knowledge should a Buyers Agent really have?!  

Another massive episode that looks at the many ways investors can rebuild and restart again; tune in now for some timely wisdom!  


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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 The incoming gold today! 
  • 1:26 Winners are grinners…😉  
  • 4:09 New updates to Moorr & check out our social refresh on Instagram & YouTube 
  • 8:02 – Mindset Minute: Warren Buffet,“I’ve never been a good judge of the markets…” 
  • 17:51 – Q1) Help! This Buyers Agent Didn’t Disclose Critical Information 
  • 21:04 – What happened when Bryce called some friends… 
  • 24:22 THIS is the worst behaviour by a Buyers Agents… 
  • 25:36 – What should Jane do now?! (Some words are struggled with here 😉)  
  • 28:55 The Real Buyers Agents Game 
  • 30:37 Why off-market purchases are NOT the holy grail  
  • 32:06 Buyers Agents are like…Obstetricians?!?! 
  • 33:52 – Folks, outsource the execution, not the U_____!!  
  • 35:43 – Q2) Should My Buyers Agent Have Taxation Knowledge?  
  • 37:25 Ben’s Words of Wisdoms: NEVER buy a property for a ____ advantage, do it for…  
  • 38:17 This is the baseline (Work on this premise!!)   
  • 41:11 The 2 rules that Bryce learned from his first mentor… 
  • 43:09 Q3) Divorce Settlement – Buying an IP  
  • 44:17 If it ended well vs. if it ended badly… 
  • 46:38 Always work backwards! 
  • 48:38 The #3 Steps Michael should take  
  • 49:04 Folks, this is really a problem about S_r_c_u_i_ _ !!    
  • 53:22 – Q4) Unplanned Hits On Your Buffer  
  • 55:45 – Ways to extend your buffer… 
  • 57:44 – Where Ben thinks interest rates are headed!!   
  • 1:01:14 More ideas for stretching your financial position  
  • 1:04:04 – Ben’s Golden Ratio for Buffers (+ how our experienced team calculates clients’ cash buffers)  
  • 1:08:17 – The market has bottomed out!?  
  • 1:10:37 – Thank you to all our Q askers today! Email us to claim your free Start & Build course😊   



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