439 | HELP! What To Do When You’ve Got No Buffer Left…

With Australia’s 11-month interest rate hike finally at an end, we’re sure many are feeling the strain from larger debts, lower cashflows, and heavily hit buffers. That’s why the theme of today’s Jam-packed Q&A Day is all about… 

Bouncing back!   

Yep. In today’s episode, we’re covering exactly how to reposition and recover when interest rates have nearly wiped out your entire buffer! 

From making your reduced “rainy day” money last to Ben’s Golden Buffer Ratio (plus a behind-the-scenes look at how our experienced team of planners do it), we’re sharing how to bunker down and hold for the long-term as the market bottoms out (which we reckon is happening NOW!) 

And of course, like all gigantic Q&A Days, we’re not just unpacking how to bounce back from tough economic conditions but deep diving into how folks can rebound and empower themselves from… 

Dodgy Buyers Agents: What to do once the papers have been signed, the dust has settled and then…you realise your Real Estate agent was the property owner!?!   

 (And if that isn’t heartbreaking enough…this investor saved for 10 years to afford this deposit 🙁) 

Dealing with Divorce Settlement: Three investment properties and a Principal Place of Residence together?! What is the best path forward for Michael???  

 Plus, we answer: How much taxation knowledge should a Buyers Agent really have?!  

Another massive episode that looks at the many ways investors can rebuild and restart again; tune in now for some timely wisdom!  


Tune in now or watch the episode below 😊 >>


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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 The incoming gold today! 
  • 1:26 Winners are grinners…😉  
  • 4:09 New updates to Moorr & check out our social refresh on Instagram & YouTube 
  • 8:02 – Mindset Minute: Warren Buffet,“I’ve never been a good judge of the markets…” 
  • 17:51 – Q1) Help! This Buyers Agent Didn’t Disclose Critical Information 
  • 21:04 – What happened when Bryce called some friends… 
  • 24:22 THIS is the worst behaviour by a Buyers Agents… 
  • 25:36 – What should Jane do now?! (Some words are struggled with here 😉)  
  • 28:55 The Real Buyers Agents Game 
  • 30:37 Why off-market purchases are NOT the holy grail  
  • 32:06 Buyers Agents are like…Obstetricians?!?! 
  • 33:52 – Folks, outsource the execution, not the U_____!!  
  • 35:43 – Q2) Should My Buyers Agent Have Taxation Knowledge?  
  • 37:25 Ben’s Words of Wisdoms: NEVER buy a property for a ____ advantage, do it for…  
  • 38:17 This is the baseline (Work on this premise!!)   
  • 41:11 The 2 rules that Bryce learned from his first mentor… 
  • 43:09 Q3) Divorce Settlement – Buying an IP  
  • 44:17 If it ended well vs. if it ended badly… 
  • 46:38 Always work backwards! 
  • 48:38 The #3 Steps Michael should take  
  • 49:04 Folks, this is really a problem about S_r_c_u_i_ _ !!    
  • 53:22 – Q4) Unplanned Hits On Your Buffer  
  • 55:45 – Ways to extend your buffer… 
  • 57:44 – Where Ben thinks interest rates are headed!!   
  • 1:01:14 More ideas for stretching your financial position  
  • 1:04:04 – Ben’s Golden Ratio for Buffers (+ how our experienced team calculates clients’ cash buffers)  
  • 1:08:17 – The market has bottomed out!?  
  • 1:10:37 – Thank you to all our Q askers today! Email us to claim your free Start & Build course😊   



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343 | “Pass Go & Collect $200” – 6 Property Lessons From Monopoly!

Ah, Monopoly – the classic board game… chances are you’ve got fond (or maybe even frustrated?) flashbacks playing it…

[… Nothing quite like the feeling of “Passing Go”, getting a quick cashflow lift, and then proceeding to bankrupt your loved ones in a friendly-but-no-so-friendly game of Monopoly… 😅]

Well folks, Did You Knowthe 100-year-old property-trading game actually has 6 Proven Property Lessons that you can (and should!) apply in real life!!

Yep. And here’s the deal… today we’re unpacking exactly how you can apply these key lessons from Monopoly to YOUR own lifestyle design!

Look, this episode’s a bit of fun BUT, most importantly, is full of timeless takeaways that’ll shake up the way you look at property investing… (and help cement the wisdom!)


Can You Guess The 6 Property Lessons…? 👇

  1. Always Be __
  2. The Most __ __ Is Not The Best
  3. Focus on __
  4. __ Your Investments
  5. __ Matters
  6. __ __ Is The Key


Tune in now to get the answers!


Free Stuff Mentioned


Here’s A Bit Of What We Cover…

  • 02:49 – Your BIGGEST Competitive Advantage!
  • 04:24 – Wait, you’ve NEVER heard of Monopoly..!?!
  • 05:43 – Bryce first thought you had to do THIS when negotiating…
  • 07:46 – LESSON 1: Always Be __
  • 08:39 – Trying to buy everything you land on… (and The Meltdown!)
  • 11:43 – How to Hack Probability WITHOUT Gambling…
  • 13:09 – Things we ask ourselves BEFORE we purchase anywhere
  • 13:22 – Can you get it right 100% of the time!?!
  • 14:17 – The block of dirt Ben almost bought…
  • 15:14 – LESSON 2: The Most __ __ Is Not The Best
  • 15:28 – When you’re caught up trying to buy Mayfair and Park Lane…
  • 17:48 – The most expensive properties on Monopoly… but in Australia!
  • 19:55 – LESSON 3: Focus on __
  • 20:18 – How to recover when you pick The Unlucky “Chance” Card
  • 23:20 – When the borrower is at the mercy of the lender…
  • 25:06 – The BIG yield between the “red” and the “blue” properties!
  • 25:47 – LESSON 4: __ Your Investments
  • 28:26 – What Monopoly teaches us about BORDERLESS investing…
  • 32:19 – LESSON 5: __ Matters
  • 32:45 – What squares are MOST landed on in Monopoly? (And what does this hint at when you invest in property…?)
  • 37:19 – LESSON 6: __ __ Is The Key!
  • 40:32 – Robert Kiyosaki’s cashflow game…
  • 43:42 – What the creators of Monopoly quickly realised…
  • 44:38 – 7 reasons why playing Monopoly is a great for kids!
  • 46:42 – Bryce’s version of Monopoly at home (LOL)
  • 46:57 – The Reality of Retirement WITHOUT a passive income…



291 | The Property Loophole: Recognising A Pipe Dream From The Real Deal

The Property “Loophole”… is it a myth?!

If you’re interested in investing in property, at some point or another you’re probably going to run into someone who tells you about some “secret loophole” – whether it be about property, tax, SMSFs… you name it – that you can use to, ahh, exploit the system.

Well, folks… let’s just call it out, shall we?

Because there’s a MASSIVE difference between a Pipe Dream and the Real Deal. And we can assure you, the price you’ll pay if you get the two wrong is no small fee!!

Here’s the deal… during the week we reached out to folks on our Facebook Page and asked them what questions they had on their mind right now… and we received some eye-opening comments that made us go…

“Whoa. Hang on a sec…”

And so, of course, this episode was born!

You can check out the exact questions further below, but here’s a quick scope on what we cover:


The Free Stuff



The Questions

Question about Buying Off The Plan from Angivin:
Guys we are very clear that you aren’t fans of buying Off The Plan, however can you please provide insight when this strategy has/could work please? 


Question about The Pipe Dream & Its Consequences from Kieren:
Is turning your super into a SMSF to borrow and build property a good idea? My mate at work got sold the pipe dream by his brother in law to do this. He tells me he is building dual key units and that it’s eventually going to net him $300,000 per year based on rental growth forecasts! I have told him this is not believable. Turns out his brother in law who convinced him to do this is getting $60k in kickbacks and is going to split it with him. He also tells me his interest rate is 5.7% because apparently no one lends to trusts cheaper than this? He also pays some bird $3k per year who will “sort any issues he has” on top of the property manager. And there is a snake “finance broker (as he referred to it)” in there somewhere who I reckon stitched him up on the interest rate. What happens when all this falls over and the money you put into your super each year doesn’t keep up with repayments? There is a $25k limit on how much super you can put in without big tax $$ so what then?


Question about How Much of A Buffer You Need from Toui
Hi TPC team, loving the Money SMARTS system! Question: when you talk about 3 to 6 months of living expenses, do you typically recommend that calculation on Essential spend? Or both Essential and Discretionary?


Question about The Pros & Cons Of Interest Only Versus Principle and Interest from Matthew
Hey guys! What is your opinion on the pros and cons of paying interest only vs principle? I am learning the ins and outs and have seen people succeed in either.


Question about The COVID-19 Recovery Across Specific States from Adam
Do you think any state will emerge from the covid storm quicker or better off than other states? And if so, will this translate in their property prices?


Question about Mortgage Payments On First Investment Property from Shannon
Suggestions on looking into P&I loan for first investment property if little difference in mortgage payment compared to interest only+ offset?







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