437 | The Biggest Danger people face when looking at property data

When it comes to property investment, data is a very valuable tool for making informed decisions. However, looking at single data measures can be dangerous, especially when it comes to something as complex as the housing market. To truly understand affordability and sustainability, we need to consider a range of factors and look at the bigger picture.  

Take median house prices, for example. This is a commonly used statistic that can give us a general idea of the state of the housing market. However, by itself, it can be misleading.  

Folks, in episode 437, we have the perfect guest to help us unpack all things property data, what to look for and the dangers of looking at single data measures. We sat down with Kent Lardner, one of Australia’s best and most respected property data analysts. Kent has over 30 years’ experience in the industry focusing on property data and analytics. 

We will be diving deep into:  

🔣 The Dangers of looking at Single Data Measures  

🔣 Looking at Median House Prices as a descriptive statistic 

🔣 Affordability – What To Look For 

🔣 Are Rent Rises Sustainable? 

🔣 Kent’s craft and How it Influences his Decisions  

🔣 And of course, unpacking everything going on in the market today  

You’re in for a massive episode today that’s full of knowledge and insights into what to look for when analysing property data! 

Tune in now or watch the episode below 😊  >>


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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 00:00 – All the awesome stuff we’re covering today! 
  • 02:28 – Let’s talk about reviews… 
  • 09:24 – Mindset Minute…. Real estate cannot be lost or stolen 
  • 11:10 – Let’s welcome today’s guest…. Kent Lardner  
  • 12:58 – Just some of the reasons we are so excited to have Kent on the couch!! 
  • 13:18 – Let’s take a deeper dive into Kent’s money story growing up 
  • 15:10 – How humour in his family made growing up FUN 
  • 21:28 – The pivotal moment where things shifted from the sale of Price Finder!! 
  • 24:12 – RBA announcement – what does it mean? 
  • 32:07 – What does it mean for us folks when listings pause? 
  • 34:10 – The Dangers of Single Data Measure 
  • 34:47 – Unpacking Suburb Medians 
  • 35:04 – Utilising Time Trendlines… How things change over time 
  • 36:30 – SA1, SA2 and SA3…. What does this actually mean? 
  • 39:37 – What’s the big story??… 
  • 42:31 – New stock being released and the impact it has.. 
  • 43:32 – Volatility through time.. 
  • 44:13 – Hedonic indexes and accounting for variances 
  • 45:38 – Buying at property level, not suburb level 
  • 46:25 – Is the market tanking??? 
  • 46:42 – Why it is important not fall into the hysteria 
  • 47:30 – Creating confidence in analysing the data 
  • 47:32 – What data to analyse… 
  • 48:36 – Prices are tough… Why to look at listings!! 
  • 49:40 – Is a price crash looking likely? 
  • 50:15 – AFFORDABILITY…. What to look for! 
  • 53:02 – Why Rent rises are NOT sustainable 
  • 56:25 – Census data or CHAT GBT?  
  • 59:20 – What happens if markets detach from locals 
  • 1:04:20 – Kents Evergreen Metric for long term suburb growth 
  • 1:05:30 – How to correctly use Census data 
  • 1:06:15 – Using employment categories to analyse data 
  • 1:06:50 – Is it a solid rental market? 
  • 1:15:40 – How does mastering Kent’s craft influence his decisions 
  • 1:16:29 – What is causing Kent’s ANALYSIS PARALYSIS 


    • 1:18:00 – Thanks so much to you Kent for sharing your amazing knowledge  
    • 1:24:00 – Lifehack: Did you know about The Apple Focus function?? 


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