469 | How Auctions Really Work: The Hybrids, Negotiations & Courageously Uncomfortable Reserve Prices – Chat with Justin Nickerson


What are the best auction strategies for buyers when the hammer drops?   

Why should buyers use “Courageously Uncomfortable” reserve prices?  

And who do auctioneers really work for??  


Folks, these are just a few of the big questions we’re tackling today in an episode that’s all about the art of auctioning in Australia.  

Here to shed expert intel into this world is Justin Nickerson, Director of Apollo Auctions, the largest auctioneering business in Australasia, and the only Australian to win the Australasian Auctioneer of the Year 3 times in the award’s history.  

Justin is also the 5-time winner of the REIQ Auctioneer of the Year award, again being the only auctioneer in the state to achieve this distinction.   

Today, he’ll be using his knowledge earned at the coalface of auctions in Queensland (aka. some of the most challenging auctions) to share secret Buyers’ strategies that win from bidding quickly to keeping the pressure on to why online bidding might just work for you.  

He’ll give us a rare look into the Buyers experience of winning auctions, the crucial skills needed for those wanting to become an Auctioneer PLUS his craziest auction which saw 24.8M under the hammer 😮  

Yep, we know we blew this episode over our 1-hour mark, but BOY is it jam-packed with so many nuggets of wisdom. Seriously folks, tune in now!  


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  • 0:00 – How Auctions Really Work: The Hybrids, Negotiations & Courageously Uncomfortable Reserve Prices 
  • 3:04 – Mindset Minute: Things don’t just happen, they happen just. 
  • 6:03 – Welcome Justin!  
  • 7:31 – Money Backstory: How he learned the power of compounding!  
  • 12:34 – The pivot into property 😊  
  • 17:13 – Should property be part of your wealth creation vehicle?  
  • 20:30 – From AFL to Auctions?!   
  • 25:38 – So you want to be an Auctioneer? These are the skills you need! 
  • 31:43 – Who do Auctioneers work for?  
  • 35:57 – Justin’s 2 fundamental beliefs & do Hybrid Auctions work?   
  • 38:22 – 15 Auctions in 1 day?! The Logistics behind Auctions 
  • 42:03 – Reserve Prices: Why you should be working with “Courageously Uncomfortable” Prices!  
  • 44:26 – Building trust during the auction 
  • 46:52 – Justin’s Top Bidding Strategies to Win  
  • 50:22 – Why bidding quickly works  
  • 53:08 – You should be watching the Buyers! Here’s why.  
  • 55:15 – $24.8M Under the Hammer?!  
  • 59:10 – What’s it like working in Prestigious Auctions?  
  • 1:02:00 – The Artform of Passing In at Auctions  
  • 1:04:49 – Online Bidding: “It’s all about choice.”  
  • 1:08:12 – Let’s Role Play: What would Justin do as a Buyer to secure a win  
  • 1:15:10 – Keeping an Open Mind  
  • 1:18: 24 – Thank you Justin! What an eye-opening episode 😊  


  • 1:22:04 – Lifehack: How to take notes for podcasts…  
  • 1:25:28 – WMPN: What’s really happening with Auction clearance rates??  



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