468 | Why Don’t We Start with Property First and the Hidden Power of Building a Moat



In this week’s episode, we’re back with our final Throwback Thursday episode focusing on our last. three foundational pillars from our Four Pillars of Property Investing Mastery!  

Folks, these pillars are absolutely critical for anyone wanting to build a stable property portfolio which is why we’re revisiting and unpacking these concepts with today’s market conditions.  

From APRA’s 3% buffer rate to rising interest rates and its impact on Asset Selection, we’ll be tying together our cornerstone principles from 2015 with our top strategies to hold and afford new properties today. 

We’ll be covering… 

⚡ Ep 4. Borrowing Power: How to smash glass ceilings, why finance is like a game of chess and the top #3 solutions to maximise your leverage 😊   

🔬 Ep 5. Asset Selection: Why we don’t start with property first, the telescope vs microscope view and applying the Buyers Decision Quadrant today.  

🛡️ Ep 6. Defence: The most important asset, why you need to build a moat and the critical elements of defence 

A topical episode that ties into our evergreen investing strategies, tune in now!  


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  • 0:00 – Why Don’t We Start with Property First and the Hidden Power of Building a Moat 
  • 1:30 – Some invaluable feedback (Thank you Francis!)  
  • 3:39  – Mindset Minute: “Imagine playing Monopoly and Never Buying Any Assets or Investments…” 
  • 6:08 – Ep 4: Borrowing Power 
  • 7:13 – Do THIS if you feel you’re paying too much interest 
  • 11:40 – Beware! Leverage can cause glass ceilings  
  • 12:26 – The top #2 rookie mistakes property investors make  
  • 15:16 – Why is finance like a chess game?  
  • 18:10 – The critical link with Cashflow Management  
  • 20:07 – The #3 Solution Tiers: Tailoring vs. Off the Shelf  
  • 23:10 – 200+ years of experience?!  
  • 25:20 – Ep 5: Asset Selection  
  • 26:36 – The Veblen (aka. The Envy) Effect & Human Behaviour 
  • 30:48 – Telescope vs. Microscope View 🔭 
  • 31:56 – The Buyers Decision Quadrant  
  • 41:04 – Our evergreen quotes…  
  • 41:44 – Ep 6: Defence 
  • 42:18 – THIS is the most important asset to an investor  
  • 44:58 – The #3 essential components of defence  
  • 50:08 – Folks, this is about building a stable stool!  


  • 55:13 – Lifehack: We should all live life by our Ikigai 
  • 58:11 – WMPN: A 650% increase on Brisbane Landlords?!  



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