443 | How to Break Free from the Spending Trap


Join us in our latest episode of MythBusters as we debunk the widespread misconceptions surrounding taxes and financial planning. Prepare to be enlightened as we unravel the complexities of last-minute tax preparation and unveil the secrets of meticulous documentation.  

Brace yourself for the rollercoaster ride through the ever-changing landscape of tax laws and their impact on depreciation claims.  

We also delve into the realm of financial planning, shattering the myth that a defence strategy is merely optional and challenging the notion that it’s exclusively for the middle-aged. Get ready for a treasure trove of knowledge, including the hidden gems of starting early, skill-building, and networking for long-term financial triumph.  

Discover the multifaceted role of financial planners, far beyond their reputation for recommending shares. And in a world filled with uncertainty, we shed light on the art of informed decision-making. 

We promise you that this dry topic will be full of life and give you much-needed insights into a topic that very few of us ever think about AND might just be the key to optimising your portfolio! 

Don’t miss out! Tune in now or watch the episode below 🙂 

Other Stuff Mentioned… 

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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 00:00 – The next instalment of our MythBusters series   
  • 12:00 – Mindset Minute……   
  • 16:44 – Entrapped by spending?? 
  • 20:00 – Stuck in the 70’s??? 
  • 22:30 – Passing on wisdom instead of?? 
  • 24:00 – Tax Myths.. 
  • 24:25 – #1….. Do all accountants know how to maximise your…..  
  • 29:15 – Why is forward planning so important? 
  • 33:00 – What I want vs what I get….. 
  • 34:00 – Back in my day it was….. 
  • 35:10 – #2 – Devoting a weekend to do what??? 
  • 35:35 – Don’t leave the gathering too late… 
  • 36:10 – Last-minute scrambling could mean?? 
  • 41:30 – #3 – Are you sure you know what you can claim on depreciation? 
  • 42:10 – The cost may be more than the return but……. 
  • 44:40 – So…… what makes a great accountant?? 
  • 45:30 – Listen up!!!! What’s the data match? 
  • 47:00 – Financial Planning Myths… 
  • 47:50 – #1 – Defence Strategy is discretionary rather than a??? 
  • 48:10 – Protecting your biggest asset… 
  • 51:20 – Change the paradigm from expense to??  
  • 53:20 – #2 – Financial planning advice is only for who????  
  • 53:40 – The value of using a Financial Planner? 
  • 54:00 – The benefits of starting early?? 
  • 1:01:10 – Goal setting, education and… ??? 
  • 1:03:20 – #3 – Financial Planners recommend you buy…. ?? 
  • 1:03:45 – What is the history? 
  • 1:06:50 – Is now the time to be in the property market? 
  • And….. 
  • 1:13:50 – Life Hack…. Now is a VERY GOOD TIME TO BE??? 
  • 1:17:40 – What’s Making Property News

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