Four Ways a Property Investor will Pay


With all the educational materials from this podcast to articles and videos that Bryce and Ben provides, a lot of property investors have an impression that we are encouraging them to DIY when it comes to investing in property. The fact is, we are not. Instead, what we are hoping to achieve is to raise awareness on how the industry works and help investors understand the process more and hopefully, when their advisor consulted them on an issue, the investors would make a better decision. So in this video, Bryce explains what are the Four Ways a Property Investor will Pay. Start watching it today.




Bryce Holdaway - Quote of the Day - The Property CouchBryce Holdaway – Partner, Property Advisor & Buyers Agent

As co-host of The Property Couch, Bryce Holdaway is also a partner at Empower Wealth and Co-Host of Relocation Relocation Australia and Location Location Location Australia on Foxtel’s Lifestyle Channel. A qualified Buyers Agent and Financial Planner, Bryce holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting), Real Estate Agent License and Diploma in Financial Services (Financial Planning).



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