034 | Q&A – Investing in Commercial Property, Fixing your Loan, Using a BA and Estimated Growth & Returns for Property Plans

It’s another Q&A episode! We are loving these Q&A episodes. If you have a property related question that you couldn’t solve or needs an opinion on, please do not hesitate to let us know here. In this episode, Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley will be addressing some topics on:

  • Using a Buyers Agent question from Tim : For a person that is looking to purchase an investment property where they’ve already educated themselves on property investment from Podcasts, read property investment books and attended seminars and they’ve done all their due diligence from getting the right loan structure, finding the right location with all the growth drivers, will there be any benefits to engage a Buyer’s Agent?
  • Fixed loan question from Jonathan : Due to interest rates have been low for a few years now and flexible loans are good, when is the best time to fix them? When the interest rate reaches a point eg, 6%-7? Do you refinance your home and do 50% fixed and 50% variable . What is the rule of thumb on this topic?
  • Investing in commercial property question from Hany : What are the discussions of the pros and cons of investing in commercial property?
  • Estimated Growth and Returns for Property Plans from Josh : My question is around Bryce’s publications and the extent yield and growth percentages are applied. Exploring these publications I have found that the sum of both the yield and the growth figures never exceed 12% to 13%. Is this a rule of thumb? If so, to what extent can you divide these figures up when building an investment plan? is this constrained by property value? What is considered average, exceptional and using a Buyers Agent, what can be expected?


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