Bonusisode | Chat between TPC and SPI Show – How does a property expert invest in property?

In this joint episode with The Smart Property Investment Show, Phil chats with Ben on the importance of a good money management system when investing in property, having a sound but flexible strategy in place and understanding what you want to achieve at the end of this game of property investing.

We have mentioned it a few times on The Property Couch that it is important to have an end goal in mind when you are building your portfolio. What are we striving to achieve and where is the final destination we want ourselves to be at? These are the questions you need to ask yourself because otherwise, you would constantly be wondering if it’s ever going to be enough and ultimately, when would you stop to enjoy the fruits of your labour?

They also chat about Ben’s personal portfolio, how he started investing in property and why he’s so passionate about this industry. Tune in now to find out more.


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