Best Business Podcast – Episode Ranking | April 2021

April, from the latin word “aperire” which means “to open“.
Although there are a lot of things going on that seem to close in on us – like this COVID Pandemic – there’s still much to look forward to! We hope that the Podcasts will help keep minds and hearts open and ever-resilient as we pursue this path called Property Investing.

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🎥 April Episodes

April 29, 2021: Episode 336 | Is Price Growth Over? 7 Signs Growth Is Slowing – Chat with Tim Lawless
Tim Lawless – Head Researcher at Corelogic talks about the signs that Price Growth is Slowing down and the 7 signs that suggest capital growth pace. He also talked about the Multiplier Effect & the Wealth Effect, the 4 Key Metrics APRA Monitors Very Closely, Hedonic value measuring, and many more. This Episode is jampacked with great information!

April 24, 2021: (LIVE) The Early Warning Sign: Where Most Investors Go Wrong With FOMO! This episode talks about the warning signs that investors ignore and how to invest without sacrificing family budget. This Live session also talks about tweaks in lending to help in multiple loans and a whole lot more!

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April 22, 2021:  Episode 335 | The Four Types Of Wealth
This episode talks about the Four Types of wealth, how to distinguish them, how to assess your financial wellbeing, and how to achieve financial abundance!

👉QUIZ – Which Grade of Financial Wellbeing Are You In?

April 15, 2021: Episode 334 | Bernard Salt: The BIG Shift In Australian Property!
Heaps of knowledge on this episode. Bernard Salt shares his insights on understanding demographics and its number 1 rule, how statistics help us understand human stories and what can we look forward to through this New COVID-Norm.

April 8, 2021: Episode 333 | Are We Property Spruikers?
There might be a lot of people who would be cynical thinking that The Property Couch is just a bunch of Spruikers trying to push properties and why we say NO WAY! This episode also discusses how to navigate Investment advice and why you SHOULD care how Real Estate Agents get paid. You will also get tips on how to reduce land tax and why you need to pay for Lenders Mortgage Insurance.

April 6, 2021:  RBA April 2021 : The Return of The Roaring 20’s!.
Ben updates us on the Reserve Bank of Australia’s cash rate and other commentaries on World Economy Growth, recent GDP, and signs to look out for!

April 1, 2021: Episode 332 | New Laws To Sting Landlords! – Chat with Hayley Mitchell
Hayley in this episode talked about the things that people who have investment properties or are thinking to be property investors, should do within the bounds of the new laws…  132 Rental Rule Changes (whew!) Big Changes that will indeed affect landlords and tenants – the most – but Hayley’s advice will help us stir smoothly through the changes and help lessen the impact.

👉Rental Rule Changes In Victoria – The Quick Guide | Resources for Rental Providers

Thank you so much for supporting us all these years. Without you guys, we will not be one of Australia’s Top Business Podcast. Now, we know we’re not the best and we’ve made some mistakes along the way, but it was an amazing journey so far. And we’re sure the years ahead will be even more exciting! So… as a thank you present to our community, here’s a free download for all of you. Our Top 5 Frameworks for Property Investors. Just fill in the form below and we’ll email it to you.

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