319 | From Poor Dad To Rich Dad – How To Wipe Out Financial Trauma Learnt In Childhood – Chat with Michael

What if you grew up in an environment where money was extremely tight? And what if this experience carried on into young adulthood, this time from your OWN financial decisions… up until something finally cracked and you said, “That’s it, I’ve had enough!”

What if you went from DROWNING in debt to FLOATING on Financial Peace… and finally cracked the code to break the family’s financial trauma cycle once and for all?!

Well folks, joining us today is listener Michael – and he knows EXACTLY what this financial transformation feels like… because he’s lived it!!

Here’s the deal…

On the last day of one of the most interesting years we will probably ever experience (good riddance 2020!!), we are interviewing someone who has, through no fault of his own, faced money challenges as a child… but then went on to become a young adult who survived on one can of tuna and slices of bread while snowed under some seriously bad debt…

… and now, through sheer grit and a reversing his money habits (and money mindset), OWNS three properties and has wiped out the financial trauma he learnt in childhood!

Yes… Michael went from having a Poor Dad…. to becoming a Rich Dad.

So, how did he do it?!

Tune in now to listen to learn how you can go from struggling to pay the bills to being an investor in complete control of your finances!


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What We Cover…

  • 03:04 – What was money like for Michael growing up?
  • 05:20 – Was his dad explicit about the money issues?
  • 06:06 – How did this background flow into Michael’s own money habits?
  • 08:34 – What sparked the desire to finally change?
  • 09:58 – The danger zone credit card story…
  • 12:51 – Where did he seek help to get on top of his debt?
  • 14:52 – “Psychological Sense” vs “Mathematical Sense” for what debt to pay off first
  • 16:02 – A tip to break negative habits
  • 17:35 – How did they afford a house deposit?
  • 19:35 – How did he discover The Property Couch?
  • 20:10 – Michael’s favourite property investing books!
  • 20:42 – Lessons Learnt From The Richest Man In Babylon…
  • 21:44 – What does Michael’s spreadsheet track?
  • 23:03 – What motivates Michael to be so “hands on” with his money management?
  • 23:34 – Why is Michael investing in property, anyway?
  • 25:26 – … The Big Rocks in The Jar!
  • 28:32 – Financial Trauma: Conscious & Unconscious Consequences…
  • 30:35 – How to resolve underlying money mindset patterns
  • 34:55 – What is Debt Recycling?
  • 35:36 – How to get the balance right to work out what’s really “enough”
  • 36:48 – Why No One Wants To Be The Richest Man In The Cemetery…
  • 37:34 – How to make compromises while still rewarding yourself so you stay the course
  • 38:12 – The property story!
  • 38:47 – Now, that’s sacrifice!! (Delayed Gratification in its finest form)
  • 40:20 – How many properties is he aiming for?
  • 40:37 – Asset Selection Mistakes
  • 44:38 – How does Michael’s Dad feel about all this? 😊
  • 44:56 – Should you take advice from friends and family?!


Note: There are more real-life investor stories like this in our Summer Series! Make sure you check them all out here.

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