300 | The Unfair Advantage: Master This New Framework To Get The Passive Income You Want – Chat with Jaemin Frazer

Follow this NEW 7-step framework and you will dramatically increase your ability to create the passive income you want!

In fact, if you put this powerful framework to use, not only will you get “The Unfair Advantage”… but here’s the even sweeter news, folks…

… it will serve you in ALL areas of your life and won’t just stop at boosting your Financial Wealth!

Sounds good, right?

So, before we do The Big Reveal on today’s guest, we just wanna let you know that we got you a couple of gifts for our 300th episode…

  • Gift #1 is Intangible… but will dramatically transform your life if you implement it! (BUT you have to listen to this ep to get it!)
  • Gift #2 is Tangible… and will work out how long your current cash reserves will last!!


And now to today’s guest…. we welcome back none other than a “repeat offender” and a great pal of The Couch…

Joining us today is one of Australia’s leading Life Coaches and a premier authority in the personal development space… Jaemin Frazer! Jaemin is Founder of The Insecurity Project, the author of Unhindered: The 7 Essential Practices for Overcoming Insecurity and Elegantly Simple Solutions For Complex People Problems, Ted X Speaker and the voice behind The One Minute Coach radio/podcasts segments!

… Yep, he’s THAT “Insecurity Guy” who once upon a time was Bryce’s very own Life Coach!

… And he’s about to change your life with his new framework!

Buckle it tight… because you’re passive income just might be around the corner!

And don’t forget: listen to the episode now to get your gifts!


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Here’s What We Cover…

  • The Unfair Advantage: The New Framework!
  • The link between Financial Wealth and Mental Wealth
  • What Skills, Attributes and Actions Do Financial and Mentally Wealthy People Have and Practice?
  • The One Key Question to Ask to Get What You Want
  • Mindset Tools For a Pandemic
  • What is really going on behind Financial Anxiety?
  • How to release your money fears
  • What does living an “unhindered” life look and feel like?
  • How to break the circuit when negative thoughts take over
  • The Best Reset Tips To Overcome Financial Hardship
  • What’s the secret to lifelong change and growth?
  • Evaluating The True Costs: Why Your Biggest Costs Aren’t Necessarily Visible
  • Why DON’T you need to do things perfectly to get results?
  • Why Sniffing A Cricket Ball Can Get You To Your Best Self
  • Ways To Create A Winning Property Investor’s Mindset
  • The 7 Essential Practices For Overcoming Insecurity



“Unless it feels like Less to More, you will resist it.”Jaemin Frazer






One Final Word…

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