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Save on delivery fees and get the Bundle Offer!  😉

Building a Property Portfolio: The Armchair Guide to Property Investing

A comprehensive guide to the fundamentals of money management, risk assessment, asset selection tips, location research, the buyer’s decision quadrant for success and picking a winning property, this book gives readers a full toolkit to be a successful property investor.

We’ll share 18 investment strategies that in their vast experience have worked for hundreds of their clients — and themselves — over the years. There are also insightful case studies where you will discover how six very different investors — a young single, a couple who started investing early, a couple who left it a bit late, a single parent and a couple with no kids — built portfolios that will deliver $2,000 a week in retirement income!


Money Management: Make Money Simple Again

A prequel to the first book, this book offers a simple, proven approach that will make money simple again, helping you to spend less than you earn so that you can save and invest for your financial future. Unlike The Armchair Guide to Property investing, this prequel book takes a deep dive on our highly effective Money SMARTS system and the 7 steps to achieve financial peace.

We’ll show you exactly how to…

  • Know where your money goes
  • Take control of your spending
  • Trap your cash flow surplus each month
  • Pay off your debt sooner
  • Ensure you don’t leave any “money on the table”
  • Make every dollar work harder for you
  • Pay for holidays, kids’ education, property and other big-ticket items
  • Achieve total control of your money in this new age and invest for your financial future
  • Stop leaving “money on the table”!


What Do Others Think About The Books?

I bought both books and finished reading already. But I’ll have to go back and read again to digest (& love to highlight). Had hiccup to use money smart platform then been busy. Have to try doing it again. Thanks for all your hard work. – Thi (Soon to be investor). 

Make Money Simple Again was great! I started listening to the podcast in January this year, and have since completed 2 full laps…actually I finished lap 2 a couple months ago, Sydney traffic sucks but you three (including Ivise) make my long commute much easier! I knew about Money SMARTS from the podcast, and thought it it would be good for our family, but didn’t quite know how to implement it – until now. I read the book over my 2 week holiday in Japan, even reading in the Japanese baths (I got a few strange looks for that)! I now have the motivation, information and confidence I need to implement the system for my household. Thank you! – Daniel D.

This book is great for those that want a practical and well thought researched introduction to the fundamentals of property investing, including property selection, finance, and leasing. The authors (well known for their podcast The Property Couch) avoid the all too common one-eyed spruiker strategy of acquiring as many properties as possible like you’re the monopoly man. Instead, they focus on correct asset selection and quality over quantity. Recommended. – Uthernator on The Armchair Guide to Property Investing

Great book. Easy to follow and understand. Provides a step by step outline of how to manage your finances so as to you achieve your goals and future financial security.  – Mario D on Make Money Simple Again

An informative guide to property investment in Australia with a realistic and achievable focus. The author’s try to avoid hype, instead they look at developing a realistic guide to planning a property based investment portfolio. – James on The Armchair Guide to Property Investing

I have really enjoyed reading the latest book. The information and topics covered is very relevant and easy to consume. The best part I think is by following the steps it not such a huge leap to make the changes necessary to implement this system. I have done this and am pleased to say I can see the surplus building up in the offset account. – Kirk Harrison on Make Money Simple Again

This is a brilliant book that offers authentic, easy to action tactics and strategies for investing in property. It’s refreshing to come across two experts who are so passionate about their field and have the track record to support their advice. – Thomas on The Armchair Guide to Property Investing

Simply explains concepts that will change your financial future. Fantastic book. I will be applying this throughout my property investment journey and look forward to being financially free in the future. – Samuel K on Make Money Simple Again

This is a must read for anyone thinking of going into property investing. It is full of frameworks and strategies that will help everyone. – Nicole on The Armchair Guide to Property Investing

Podcasts or Books these guys are full of…..information that has hhelped guide me to investing in property by learning from their and others mistakes and minimizing my own. – Chris Quartermaine

Easy to read easy to understand – don’t forget to also follow their podcast. – ZenTangled on The Armchair Guide to Property Investing

The “Armchair Guide to Property Investing” truly gives the average punter no matter what background and stage of life you’re at the skills to be able to build wealth through property investment. – William Sederino

This book lays it out nicely and all in an easy to understand way. I’ve already recommended it to two friends.  – Dave on Make Money Simple Again

These guys know their stuff . Have listened to all of the podcast twice, and 3 laps of the book, The Armchair Guide to Property Investing. Keep it up guys hanging for the next cast each week. — “Good clean info” on iTunes

I really love these guys. After reading their book, The Armchair Guide to Property Investing, I listen to their podcasts every night! I find them so relatable about my property investment journey! – “Super Stuff!” on iTunes, August 2017


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